IFS Applications

IFS Applications

IFS Applications offers powerful solutions that quickly provide real-world results to today's critical business issues.


If you're tired of big-bang implementations and software that doesn't deliver the promised results, IFS has the answer—business applications Packaged for Payback. IFS Applications offers powerful solutions that quickly provide real-world results to today's critical business issues, such as expanding into new business areas, improving the bottom line, cutting costs, eliminating hidden business applications costs, and achieving faster ROI.


Real-World Payback
National Semiconductor reports this example of IFS payback: Cash flow improved and the initial cost of the IFS implementation was recovered within six months. Another IFS customer decreased IT spending by 9% in the first year of operations. Others cite 70% increases in productivity and long-term payback as a key part of the value of their IFS implementations. This kind of payback is why IFS is a top-ten global supplier of business applications, with a 90% customer retention rate.

Big-Bang Implementations Are Obsolete
With more than 60 web-based applications, IFS offers software solutions based on what customers call future-proof component technology. This unique technology allows companies to reduce costs and implementation times by deploying only the applications they require now, with the ability to easily add new modules and capabilities as needed in the future. Major upgrades are not necessary, and more important, with IFS Applications it's not necessary to change specialized systems that are already in place. Whether you have applications from other enterprise applications providers, legacy systems, or point solutions, it's easy to integrate IFS Applications and protect your existing technology investment.

Industry-Specific Solutions that Deliver
To ensure that IFS software addresses a customers' critical business issues, IFS Applications is Packaged for Payback in key vertical industries, including aviation and defense, high-tech/electronics, medical devices, automotive, heavy construction/industrial facilities management, industrial equipment, process industries, and utilities. Special industry teams, headed by senior executives with significant industry experience, work closely with a customer advisory board to ensure that IFS solutions continue to meet the needs of customers in each industry—and continue to provide rapid payback.

Increase Revenues with Total Lifecycle Management
Today's companies need to quickly determine which markets to serve, when to enter them, and which products to develop. IFS solves this problem for companies with a total lifecycle management approach that goes beyond product lifecycle management to include customers, products, and assets.

Companies can more easily retain customers and expand into new markets because IFS' total lifecycle management allows them to predict their customers’ needs more accurately, and they can qualify prospects based on estimated lifetime revenue. Product development is also improved because IFS' software allows them to continuously capture product requirements from after-sales and service processes and make these requirements available to design groups. Production costs are also decreased through improved asset management, ranging from the initial investment through operations to decommissioning.

Streamline Global Operations
Multisite, multinational customers often need to use several code bases of their business applications to handle their country-specific requirements. This results in a complex IT solution that makes deployment, support, and upgrades expensive and time consuming. Having originated in Europe, IFS Applications is designed so that global companies can run a single code base that includes all country-specific requirements—legal and financial as well as language. This provides full multinational support with greater flexibility, smoother worldwide deployments, and easier expansion into new markets.

A Comprehensive Solution that's Easy to Use
IFS personal and collaboration portals are a powerful tool for improving efficiency in both internal and external value chains by providing real-time information across departmental and enterprise boundaries. More than 300 preconfigured portlets make it simple to view the required information. IFS' Corporate Performance Management portals provide instant access to critical business information, providing CEOs and other executives an on demand view of real-time data from anywhere in the enterprise.

IFS' broad range of integrated applications includes manufacturing, supply chain management (SCM), customer relationship management (CRM), ERP, enterprise asset management (EAM), maintenance, engineering, service management, and full mobile support.

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