News | August 16, 2016

Innovation From Arla Sees Clean-Label Solutions Offered Up To Food Service Industry

Arla Food Ingredients has developed a new range of clean-label dairy-based ingredients aimed at the food service sector.

The ready-made cooking ingredients include cake topping, cooking cream, bake-stable cream cheese and cheesecake cream cheese, which have all been produced with dairy proteins, are much higher in protein and significantly lower in fat, calories and carbohydrates compared with standard equivalent products. 

Arla says they can also be customized with flavors, colors and inclusions to create a variety of products for both chefs and diners. 

The objective is to make it easier for food companies to develop and supply foodservice products that are healthy and natural as well as being convenient and stable. These are all key drivers for the catering and restaurant trade.

Torben Jenson, Category & Application Manager at Arla Foods Ingredients, said: “These cooking solutions will enable our customers to widen their product offering and take advantage of the great opportunity that foodservice offers. 

“Our new concepts are healthy, convenient and clean-label, which means they are completely on-trend. They can be supplied as they are, or tailored to meet specific requirements, unlocking a world of new opportunities.”

Major trends seen in the packaged food market including clean labels and nutrition declaration, are quickly spreading from supermarkets and into the out-of-home space with Arla Food Ingredients’ new foodservice range tapping into these trends by delivering great quality and taste alongside improved texture, stability and ease of handling. 

The new solutions are launched under Arla Foods Ingredients’ Goodness of Dairy campaign which highlights how dairy ingredients are key to the growing consumer demand for food that is natural, healthy and with a great taste and texture.