Company Profile | January 1, 1996

rice milling, milling, soybean, feedgrains, wheat, rice

Source: Riceland Foods, Inc., Lecithin Division
rice milling, milling, soybean, feedgrains, wheat, rice
Riceland Foods, Inc. is a farmer-owned cooperative formed originally in 1921 to market rice. Headquartered in Stuttgart, Arkansas, USA, Riceland markets rice, soybeans, wheat, milo, and corn grown by the 10,000 Riceland farmers in Arkansas and adjacent states. Riceland Foods Lecithin Division produces a full range of deoiled and liquid lecithin products for a variety of uses. Lecithin is one of the many products manufactured from soybeans. Liquid lecithin has been used traditionally as a natural emulsifier.

Riceland Foods is one of the world's major producers of deoiled lecithin products. Lecithin is used as a blending agent in a variety of food products. It is also an important ingredient in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements.

LECIGRAN deoiled lecithin products contain 97% phospholipid and assure optimum lecithin functionality at minimum usage levels, with no flavor carry through. The properties of LECIGRAN are utilized in color and flavor suspensions, chewing gum bases, bakery products as well as an egg replacer and extender.

LECIPRIME fluid lecithin is used in a variety of food products that rely on surface-active properties of phospholipids.

Riceland Foods' state-of-the-art Research and Technical Center is staffed with professionals to assist in formulations and offer technical assistance.