News | March 28, 2003

2001 Group Annual Report

Source: Irish Dairy Board Inc.
Irish Dairy Board Inc. is the major international exporter of Irish dairy products, servicing the needs and quality demands of customers world-wide. A commercial cooperative, its function is to market the products of its member manufacturing co-operatives and dairy companies therby generating the maximum return for primary producers.

The Board owns the internationally established Kerrygold brand, the Irish dairy industry's most important marketing asset. It's product portfolio can be divided into three key secotrs: retail business, food ingredients and commodity trading.

From it's formation in 1961, the Board has evolved in response to the changing European and world business environment. It is Ireland's biggest food exporter and a major food distribution company in overseas markets, with annual sales of €1.9 billion.


    2001 2000 1999 1998 1997
    €'000 €'000 €'000 €'000 €'000
Historical Values  
    Turnover 1,943,883 2,080,998 1,809,139 1,807,425 1,666,911
Operating surplus 37,112 35,431 32,099 33,400 30,343
      Surplus before taxation
and exceptional items
31,854 31,396 30,246 31,295 30,869
Net current assets 129,633 135,420 142,384 191,621 179,552
Members' funds 262,287 242,662 222,870 206,044 183,280

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