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Advancements To Explore Recent Developments In Plant Protein Technology

Discover innovations in sustainable plant extraction processes.

Jupiter, FL (PRWEB) - Advancements with Ted Danson will focus on innovations in Agri-technology in an upcoming episode.

This segment will explore improvements in sustainable scientific methods for producing all-natural plant-based pea protein. With a look at PIP International (PIP), viewers will see how the cutting edge Agri-tech company is producing world class pea protein using advanced proprietary processes and sustainable technologies.

Audiences will learn how experts in the food sector are using decades of design, operations, and business acumen to disrupt the plant-based industry.

“IMPROVE SAS has been working with PIP International closely for over two years to commercialize a significant advancement in plant protein extraction technology,” said Denis Chereau, CEO IMPROVE SAS, France. “PIP owns an Exclusive Master License Agreement for IMPROVE’s innovative, patent pending, sustainable extraction technology that will bring the cleanest tasting, highest functioning, most sustainable pea protein to the market.”

Exploring the premium pea protein isolate, the UP.P, PIP will explain how the gentler and innovative patented process delivers an additive free, neutral taste, neutral color, smooth texture, high functioning protein derived from yellow peas.

“PIP is dedicated to the expansion of a more sustainable protein solution on a local and global level,” said Colin Ferguson, senior producer for the Advancements series. “We look forward to exploring how UP.P™ provides a sustainable solution across diverse product lines, from plant-based meats to shelf-stable dairy beverages.”

About PIP International:
PIP International Inc. (‘PIP’) is a Canadian-based Agri-food premium plant-based ingredient processor. PIP’s gentler and innovative patent pending process delivers an additive-free, neutral taste, neutral color, smooth texture, and high functioning protein derived from yellow peas. PIP is dedicated to the expansion of a more sustainable protein solution on a local, National and global level. PIP’s team of food industry experts brings decades of design, operations, and business acumen to this first-of-its-kind greenfield project. PIP’s commitment to adapt and adopt innovative sustainable practices across all business functions, from farm to consumer, is further solidified by owning the rights to a revolutionary new patent-pending wet fractionation process that results in 30% less water demand than traditional methods.

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About Advancements and DMG Productions:
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