News | April 23, 2021

Altitude Offers A Taste Of Clarity

The European-Based Beverage Company PilotsFriend Has Designed a Powerful Drink Entirely Based on All-Natural Organic Energy

Fort Lauderdale, FL /PRNewswire/ - Altitude offers a refreshingly unique take on the concept of the energy drink. The beverage was carefully crafted through years of research to utilize the most potent natural ingredients in just the right quantities. From high standards to tasteful restraint, Altitude represents a new energy option that respects both the Earth and the body.

Energy is in short supply these days. The increasing demands of modern life leave individuals around the world scrambling to find ways to stay awake throughout the day. Unfortunately, too many of the available energy options focus on excessive amounts of stimulants. Even worse, they often lean on synthetic versions of substances like caffeine and taurine. This overwhelms the body with what the folks at PilotsFriend refer to as "proverbial shock to the nervous system."

The energy brand has long been aware of the shortcomings of the energy drink industry. This is largely because the company was founded by a group of NATO pilots that were all too familiar with jittery hands and sugar-induced crashes. The PilotsFriend team was determined to create a product that leaned on clean, raw energy solutions. They assembled a team of doctors, scientists, and nutritionists to discover the best combination of natural ingredients to help keep folks awake.

The result was Altitude.

The drink utilizes a one-two punch of kola nut and guarana seed extracts to provide a quick-yet-prolonged wave of energy. It also uses numerous other ingredients — all of which are transparently listed on the company's website — to help fight digestion, reduce inflammation, and boost immunity. The list of all-natural ingredients includes numerous highly respected items, such as:

  • Black carrot;
  • Yellow gentian extract;
  • Ginger;
  • Chokeberry;
  • Acerola;
  • Cardamom;
  • And quinine.

Classic natural ingredients like orange, apple, and cane sugar are also included to round the drink out and give it an utterly delectable appeal.

Crafted to perfection, Altitude offers a completely new take on the idea of the "pick-me-up." Rather than overwhelming the digestive system with synthetic substances in excessive levels, Altitude strives to deliver an optimal amount of just the right ingredients. These give the body a natural boost, fueling professionals, students, and individuals around the world throughout their daily grind.

Source: Altitude

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