AquaLab Series 3

Source: Decagon Devices, Inc.
AquaLab Series 3
AquaLab aids in product safety, microbial growth prediction, and shelf-life
AquaLab aids in product safety, microbial growth prediction, and shelf-life. AquaLab is a research-grade water activity meter that is rugged enough for use on the production floor. The patented chilled-mirror dew-point sensor measures water activity between 0.030-1.000aw with a ±0.003aw accuracy in less than five minutes. Not only is AquaLab Series 3 precise, it's reliable. Repeatability and unparalleled accuracy are AquaLab's top-rated features. AquaLab is quaranteed to meet your water activity measeurement needs, period.

The importance of the concept of water activity cannot be over-emphasized. The usefulness of water activity in relation to microbial growth, chemical reactivity, and stability over water content has been shown. Measuring the water content of products alone cannot ensure safety and stability. Measuring water activity with the AquaLab aids in food safety programs, can predict microbial growth, and is a critical factor that determines the shelf life of products.

Specifications Series 3:

Accuracy:± 0.003 aw

0.030 to 1.000 aw


Operating Enviroment:
5 to 43°C (41 to 110° F)
20 to 85% humidity

1. Infrared temperature sensor
2. Cooled-mirror dewpoint sensor

Universal Power:
110V to 220V AC, 50/60Hz

20 x 2 alphanumeric dot-matrix LCD
with backlighting.

Interface Cable:
Standard RS232 serial cable (included)

Data Communications:
RS232 compatible, 8 data bit ASCII code,
9600 baud, no parity, 1 stop bit

3.2 kilograms (5.2 kilos shipping weight)

3 years, parts and labor

Case material:
Powder-painted aluminum

Sample dish capacity:
7ml recommended (15ml full)

Enclosure size:
24.1 x 22.9 x 8.9cm

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