News | April 22, 1999

Bel / Kaukauna Buys Certain Kraft Brands

Bel / Kaukauna U.S.A. (Kaukauna, WI) ha purchased the Churny cheese ball and log business from Kraft Foods, Inc. and its subsidiary, Churny Co., Inc. (both of Northbrook, IL). The agreement includes certain capital assets, inventory and a license to manufacture and market these products under the Churny brand name for three years. The agreement does not involve any other products or brands manufactured by Churny Company, the specialty foods business of Kraft Foods, Inc. The sale was completed April 20.

"Churny cheese balls and logs are high-quality products, but they are seasonal for Churny," said Mark Magnesen, Churny Co. GM. "The sale will allow Churny to focus on its core businesses."

Bel / Kaukauna U.S.A. is the U.S. subsidiary of Fromageries Bel SA, Paris. Bel / Kaukauna U.S.A. already manufactures cheese balls and logs and also markets Price's Pimiento spreads, Laughing Cow processed cheese wedges, mini Babybel natural cheese, Kaukauna and Wispride refrigerated cheese spreads.

The Churny Co. markets specialty foods primarily under the Di Giorno, Athenos and Hoffman's brand names. Kraft Foods is the multinational food business of Phillip Morris Companies.