Ben & Jerry's celebrate the holiday with new ice cream flavor

Ben & Jerry’s celebrate the holiday with new ice cream flavor

Does the holiday Festivus ring a bell? Well if you were a loyal fan of the Seinfeld show you'll know exactly what the holiday is all about. The annual celebration created by George Costanza's father was a time for the family to gather around and air their grievances, perform feats of strength, and admire the requisite Festivus pole.

To embark on the Costanza's version of Christmas, folks at Ben & Jerry's have created an ice cream by the same name, Festivus. Each pint of Festivus contains a batch of brown sugar ice cream loaded with gingerbread cookies and ginger caramel swirl.

Festivus, a limited edition flavor, will debut on grocery store shelves and in Ben & Jerry's ice cream shops for holiday season.

Edited by Christine Eadeh,
Assistant Editor, Food Ingredients Online