News | November 30, 2002

Berghausen Corporation Launches Manufacturing Services Division And Introduces Quillaja Select

Source: Berghausen Corporation
Berghausen Corporation is pleased to announce the introduction of its newest product Quillaja Select. Quillaja Select is the perfect cost-effective substitute for those beverage companies using a quillaja/yucca blend. In addition to costing less than the quillaja/yucca blend, Quillaja Select also eliminates yucca altogether meaning one less ingredient to purchase, ship and warehouse.

Earlier this month, Berghausen Corporation launched its Manufacturing Services division. This new division is available on In-Line Liquid Processing and Spray Drying. With the installation of its state-of-the-art Pulse Combustion Dryer, Berghausen now offers quality drying at competitive pricing.

For more information about Quillaja Select or its Manufacturing Services, please visit our website at or call our Marketing & Sales Manager Michael Puehse, at (877) 933-0255 or email him at

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