News | July 12, 2016

BioVONTAGE, A New Cultured Ingredient Product-Line Focuses On Enhancing The Flavor And Maintaining The Quality Of Fresh Prepared Foods

Agro BioSciences, Inc, a biotechnology company focused on innovative microbial research, announced today the launch of a new business division focusing on enhancing the “Microbial Terroir” that impacts the freshness, flavor, and quality of food.

Milwaukee, WI (PRWEB) Consumer preference is raising mainstream awareness for cleaner labeled and minimally processed food options. Food formulators need an increasing array of natural alternatives to align with these consumer trends. Agro BioSciences will help meet this demand by harnessing the power of natural fermentation and industrial know-how.

“There is an increasing consumer call for greater transparency in food production, and, in particular, clean label alternatives to synthetic ingredients,” said Doug Willrett, Vice President of Food and Wellness for Agro BioSciences. “The strong discovery capabilities and innovation research at Agro BioSciences will allow us to bring new technologies to the prepared foods marketplace.”

Food fermentates produced through the natural fermentation of bacteria will be sold under the bioVONTAGE brand of Agro BioSciences. They will provide a broad range of solutions for food manufacturers, use Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) bacteria, and will be free from genetically modified materials and allergens when and where possible.

“It’s an exciting time for us at Agro BioSciences during the natural food revolution that is occurring throughout the industry. We are eager to meet with customers to better understand the issues they face and how our bioVONTAGE products may help in their efforts to address the changing consumer demands,” said Matt Hundt Director of Business and Product Development. “With quality manufacturing partners and a dedicated R&D team we look forward to bringing new and innovative solutions to the market while also supplying more traditional and established products.”

For more information, please contact Matt Hundt at matt.hundt(at)agro-biosciences(dot)com.

About Agro BioSciences 
Agro BioSciences provides innovative microbial solutions for agriculture and human health needs. With research as a cornerstone of its mission, Agro BioSciences is focused on developing novel, science based products using next generation technology to identify the distinct beneficial microbial terroir from complex microbial systems ranging from the human and animal gut to fermented foods. For more information visit


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