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Blueshift Nutrition Elevates Supplement Game With Delicious Flavors - Now On Amazon

Blueshift Nutrition's proprietary FlavorWeaving approach harnesses the complex flavors of phytonutrient-rich botanicals to craft supplement drinks as delicious as they are effective.

Boston, MA /PRNewswire/ - Now available on Amazon, Blueshift Nutrition's lineup of Superblend supplement drinks applies the principles of mixology to transform the experience of taking supplements from a chore to a delight. The company's proprietary FlavorWeaving approach utilizes the complex flavor notes of botanicals, fruits, berries and other active ingredients as a source of complexity and interest instead of masking them with added sugar, artificial sweeteners, or other junk ingredients.

"When we sought to create a line of supplement drinks with off-the-charts effectiveness, we were warned that making these formulas actually taste good would be impossible," says Paal Gisholt, Founder and CEO of Blueshift.

"But when you think about the beverages people love most – coffee, red wine, IPA beer – they aren't loved for being sweet. Their complex, interesting flavor profiles include a variety of flavor notes like bitterness, earthiness, acidity, and subtle sweetness that work together to delight the palate."

"So instead of using artificial flavors or sweeteners to mask the earthy notes of plant ingredients, we use those flavors as a source of interest and complexity," says Gisholt. "In a process that is part art and part science, we've identified just the right flavors to complement each active ingredient. With an average rating of 4.8 stars, the response has been phenomenal – and we do it all without adding any sugar."

Blueshift doesn't just care about offering craveable flavors; they've invested years into developing some of the most effective formulations on the market. The company uses top-tier, bioavailable, and clinically-proven nutrients and superfoods – averaging 10+ active ingredients in each of their Superblends.

Blueshift is launching on Amazon with three of their best-selling Superblends: Energy + Focus, Immune Ultra, and Pre + Probiotic Ultra.

  • Energy + Focus delivers jitter-free energy and laser-sharp focus by leveraging the natural power of plants, aminos and b-vitamins. Enjoy a clean boost with the sweet yet tart taste of strawberries and blackberries in this forest berry Superblend.
  • Immune Ultra supercharges your immune system with the help of clinically-proven Wellmune® and Epicor®, plus 3 mushroom superfoods and elderberries. Feel the benefits of 5 powerful immune products in 1 delicious blueberry acai drink.
  • Pre + Probiotic Ultra is packed with 50 billion CFUs of 10 of the most beneficial probiotics, clinically-proven PreForPro®, and plant-powered prebiotics. Optimize your gut and overall health with the tropical taste of hibiscus peach mango.

"Unlike most direct-to-consumer brands, Blueshift spared no expense and made no mistakes. They're the first I've seen to bring the highest-quality, medical-grade supplements straight to customers," says Dr. David M. Brady, Chair of Blueshift's Scientific Advisory Board.

Dr. Brady and other members of the Scientific Advisory Board – Harley Pasternak (celebrity trainer and nutritionist), Dr. Uma Naidoo (author of This Is Your Brain on Food), and Dr. Jeffrey Blumberg (a leading authority on plant-based antioxidants) – are four of the most renowned experts in the industry.

About Blueshift Nutrition
Blueshift Nutrition is the first brand to offer a complete line-up of super-premium supplements in the form of delicious drinks. Their mocktail-inspired Superblends combine nature's best superfoods with research-backed, top-tier nutrients – all in convenient single-serving pods with zero added sugar, artificial flavors, or other junk ingredients.

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