News | June 11, 2020

Chubby Organics Announces The Launch Of No Junk Nut Butter And Jam Sandwiches

Los Angeles, CA PRNewswire/ - CHUBBY ORGANICS, a Los Angeles based Nut Butter & Jam company, announced the launch of their grab-and-go packaged superfood sandwiches today. Their variety of flavor combinations can be purchased online at and at local cafes throughout Los Angeles.

By swapping out the junk and preservatives for high quality, organic, whole food ingredients, these locally made sandwiches are an upgrade to tradition. Chilled for freshness and to promote the quality of its ingredients, these NB&Js boast nutritional macros rivaling your favorite protein bar.

"Our marquee flavor, Blueberry Jam & Almond Butter, contains 13G of Protein, 20G of organic whole grain net carbs (incl. 9G of Fiber), and only 5G of natural sugar sweetened by Medjool Dates," says Dillon Ceglio, Chubby Organics Founder.

Chubby Organics has 4 delicious flavors hitting the market today

  • Blueberry Jam & Almond Butter
  • Blueberry Jam & Hazelnut Butter
  • Strawberry Jam & Almond Butter
  • Strawberry Jam & Sunflower Butter

The team makes their superfood sandwiches fresh in small batches in Los Angeles on a weekly basis. Served refrigerated, they will stay fresh for up to 45 days; if you're on the move, no sweat, they are perfect for on-the-go. These conveniently packaged sandwiches are great for your post workout snack, after school treat, or to kickstart your day as breakfast.

For more information on Chubby Organics, what they're reimagining in the kitchen, and their zero food waste initiative, check out their website, or Instagram, @chubby_organics.

About Chubby Organics
The Chubby Organics Team is on a mission to re-imagine your favorite childhood sandwich, both organically and sustainably. With wellness on the rise, they understand their consumer is seeking the best ingredients for themselves and their families. It's this reason the team has spent the last year tirelessly perfecting their homemade jams and ensuring they found the most flavor filled single ingredient organic butters available. As health conscious individuals, their vision is to help build the future of whole food snacks for children and adults alike.

Source: Chubby Organics

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