Classic Instant Hunter Sauce

Source: Griffith Laboratories

Classic Instant Hunter Sauce
Griffith Laboratories presents another in their line of Classic Instant Sauces
Griffith Laboratories presents another in their line of Classic Instant Sauces, a new concept that captures all of the flavor of traditional cooked sauces with just-add-water convenience.

One of the many chef quality sauces featured in this line, Hunter Sauce, has a rich beef base, with light undertones of tomato, burgundy wine, and mushroom. Intended for a variety of meats and dishes, this sauce features both a savory flavor and a versatile nature, rising to meet any occasion.

Griffith Laboratories' new line of Classic Instant Sauces are made for the foodservice operator and processor who need consistent quality and time savings all in one. Just add water and whisk to blend. The sauces reconstitute to serving consistency immediately, and will hold on stovetop or steam table for hours. Sauces can also be frozen for later finished prep if desired.

It's the perfect accompaniment for chicken, beef, or pork. The versatile flavor makes it a quick and easy addition to main dishes such as Chicken Cacciatore, goulash, or pot pies. Hunter Sauce even adds zest to your favorite steaks and burgers. Whether the setting is a sizzling summer grill or a toasty winter kitchen, it's a classic flavor the entire family will enjoy. Hunter Sauce rises to the occasion, every occasion.

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