News | May 2, 2023

Duas Rodas Presents Extracts, Dehydrated Ingredients And Flavors Produced Under The Upcycling Food Concept

São Paulo /PRNewswire/ - The circular economy concept is a key part of the sustainable development process applied to Duas Rodas' natural ingredients. These products are made under the Upcycling Food concept. The company's portfolio includes extracts, dehydrated ingredients and flavors manufactured using by-products of plants and fruits that are normally discarded, thereby helping to reduce food waste.

Dehydrated cocoa pulp products are an example of how fruit by-products can be used. These by-products are practically completely discarded since chocolate manufacturers only use a part of dried almonds, which contain a thin layer of pulp. With a fruity taste and marked level of acidity, cocoa pulp is rich in nutrients and used by Duas Rodas in manufacturing dehydrated powders that include up to 100% of the fruit. This ingredient is used in a range of different applications such as chocolates, juices, smoothies, desserts, baked goods and snacks.

Likewise, the multinational company's team of researchers developed standardized cherry coffee extracts, which contain caffeine and polyphenols and are processed using the thin layer of fruit that protects the coffee seed. Generally used as a fertilizer, this portion of the fruit, known as 'cascara' in Brazil, offers a great potential for polyphenols and other bioactive ingredients and can be used to develop a high-quality extract for the production of beverages and supplements.

Founded 97 years ago in the world's largest biome, Duas Rodas is a pioneer in the manufacture of essential oils in Brazil and offers extensive expertise in the development of botanical flavors and ingredients. Its portfolio of flavors also includes those manufactured from raw materials that would normally be destined for composting. Guava considered too ripe for consumption in the form of fruit is an ideal base for create a guava flavor with sweet, slightly caramelized notes. A banana flavor can also be extracted from the fruit's peel, a by-product usually discarded as waste.

"We operate as part of different innovation projects in partnership with national and international institutes, which are aligned with the Upcycling Food concept. By valuing by-products and reusing waste in our processes, we help to reduce waste, contributing to the development of sustainable practices," Steven Rumsey, PhD., Director of Innovation and Technology at Duas Rodas, affirmed.

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