News | October 14, 2008

FUNctional Beverages For Kids; Introducing Crayons All-Natural FUNctional Beverages

BELLEVUE, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Bellevue, Wash. based Crayons® All-Natural Beverage Company launches, at the October 16-18 Natural Products Expo East in Boston, the first and only all-natural line of FUNctional™ beverages formulated to address everyday FUNctional™ needs of today's youth.

Each Crayons® FUNctional™ fruit juice drink uses a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber to offer specific FUNctional™ benefits including: multi-vitamin total body support, calcium boosting bone health, antioxidant well-being, immunity support, afternoon pick-me up, and good old fashioned refreshment. Each FUNctional™ flavor is made with 30% real fruit juices, sweetened only with organic cane juices, and contains 30% less sugar and carbs than most other juice drinks – with only 90 calories per 8 ounce serving.

Ron Lloyd, CEO of Crayons® All Natural Beverage Company explains, "As a parent, I'm thrilled to finally have a healthier beverage option for today's active kids. Crayons® All Natural FUNctional™ Fruit Juice Drinks provide parents with a nutritious and delicious choice that makes all other juices and/or fruit juice drinks obsolete. No other kids' beverage compares to our combined level of fun and function. It will be fun to watch how even my own kids determine whether they want to start each day with D-FENSE first thing in the morning, SUPER-V around mid-day or 3PM fruit punch in the afternoon."

Crayons Founder, Duncan Seay, adds, "Nearly a year ago, Ron challenged our entire team to develop the best line of enhanced beverages for kids. Crayons® FUNctional™ fruit juice drinks are the answer." Duncan adds, "When we started, we had no idea we would end up creating a whole new way for kids to choose their beverages. No longer will kids have to choose based on the flavor alone. Now, they can choose based upon how they are feeling that day or even by what time of day it is. We believe this will revolutionize the way parents and kids will choose their beverage."

Crayons® FUNctional™ Fruit Juice Drinks build upon the success of the Company's fruit juice drinks introduced in 2007. The new beverages contain the same bold fruit flavors, colorful graphics, environmentally-friendly and hip 8 ounce aluminum can and same pure fruit juice taste that kids of all ages love.

The six new FUNctional™ flavors, which are expected to sell at or below $.99 per can, will be available in both single 8 ounce cans and a new convenient take-home 4-pack package. The new flavors include:

Blueberry-Raspberry RAZZICAL™ - "The Free Radical Grabber" is formulated with the 3 essential antioxidants to support a berry, berry long life.

Fruit Punch 3PM™ - "The Afternoon Pick-Me-Up" is a mid-afternoon snack boost with B vitamins for energy and fiber equaling 2 cups of grapes to put a little punch into your PM.

Tickled Pink Lemonade THIRST-C™ - "The Quencherator" is a contemporized version of the classic for instant refreshment plus 100% Vitamin C and more so that kids can squeeze more out of life.

Watermelon & Wild Berries BUFF BONZ™ - "The Calcium Booster" has 3 calcium boosting vitamins plus calcium to support sound muscle and bone development.

Kiwi Strawberry SUPER-V™ - "The Multi-V Marvel" is a multi-vitamin beverage made to save the day from head to toe.

Outrageous Orange Mango D-FENSE™ - "The Immunity Guard" is an immunity support beverage with vitamins, zinc, as much fiber as an orange and other bug-fighting nutrients.

Product samples and/or photos are available upon request by emailing

In addition to Crayons® All Natural FUNctional™ Fruit Juice Drinks, Crayons® All Natural Beverage Company offers the first and only line of all-natural and high fructose corn syrup-free sports drinks created specifically to address the nutrition and hydration needs of youth athletes. Crayons® sports drinks contain seven essential electrolytes, vitamins and minerals.

About Crayons® All Natural Beverage Company
Crayons® All Natural Beverage Company was launched in April 2004 by co-founders and dads, Duncan Seay and P.J. Palmer. With the mantra Goodness That's Fun™, Crayons® beverages have been widely embraced since launching in 2007 and are already available at more than 3,000 outlets nationwide including Kroger, Sprout's, Henry's and Whole Foods Markets in addition to other natural and specialty foods stores. Crayons® owns the U.S. and internationally registered trademarks to the brand name Crayons® along with its registered oval trade design in various food and beverage classes. The Company is headquartered in Bellevue, Wash. For additional information, please visit

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