News | December 10, 2010

Functional Technologies Updates On Commercialization Of Acrylamide-Reducing Yeast

Vancouver, BC - Functional Technologies Corp., a world leader in innovative yeast research and development, announced recently that it has made considerable progress towards the commercialization of its patent-pending acrylamide-reducing (AR) yeast technology. Acrylamide is a known Group 2A carcinogen (cancer-causing agent), and is formed in starchy carbohydrate-rich foods such as bread, potato chips and cookies when these widely consumed products are baked, fried or toasted.

Currently, several international food ingredient companies are in various stages of conducting tests to confirm the effectiveness of Functional Technologies' proprietary AR yeast in baked products. Based on results to date, the company considers the strategy to partner with at least one global producer to accelerate the commercialization of its AR yeast technology would be the most effective way to achieve the corporate objectives of its business model.

"The potential of an existing baking processing ingredient solving this serious health concern, not only in traditional yeast-fermented baked goods such as bread but also in potential new large markets like potato processing, has been a strong driver in opening partnership opportunities for the company," said Howard Louie, chairman and CEO of Functional Technologies Corp. "Securing the right partner — one with both the resources and the commitment to deliver this important and relevant technology to various markets — is the critical factor in our partnership decision."

The processed potato industry, which includes French fries and potato chips, has been actively seeking and utilizing acrylamide mitigation approaches for some time, with limited success to date. Given this important industry-wide objective, a leading global manufacturer of frozen foods is now evaluating Functional Technologies' AR yeast for application in its potato products. On an annual basis, this industry handles more than half of the world's production of 315 million tonnes of potatoes, so treating this volume of potatoes represents a compelling market application and business opportunity for Functional Technologies' AR yeast.

In addition, cookies, baked snacks and breaded products such as onion rings and fish sticks represent other areas of market opportunity for which Functional Technologies is currently exploring development partnerships. As reported previously, the company expects to establish both global strategic and regional partnerships to further advance market opportunities, and quickly build increased demand and supply for its proprietary AR yeast solutions.

SOURCE: Functional Technologies Corp.