News | January 9, 2003

GEA Filtration improves the ROI in Reverse Osmosis

Source: GEA Process Engineering Inc.
GEA Filtration introduces sanitary Reverse Osmosis Plants in an 8" spiral-wound configuration. The new sanitary 8" design offers the same modular, cost effective plant construction and operating advantages as the smaller diameter spiral plants that GEA Filtration has delivered over the past 20 years with the added advantages of even more compact design, lower capital cost and reduced membrane replacement cost with no adverse effects on plant cleanliness or sanitation.

The plants are constructed to the same exacting standards that have become the trademark of GEA Filtration quality Membrane Filtration plants, but the membrane area is delivered in the larger 8" diameter sanitary, spiral wound format and is housed in 8" sanitary vessels. The increased membrane packing density allows for an added level of compact design, saving valuable floor space. Additionally, the capital cost is reduced by the scale economics of the sanitary 8" spiral. The scale economics also contributes to a reduced membrane replacement cost, which represents a large portion of the total operating cost in a Reverse Osmosis plant.

Operating costs are further reduced by the improved compact design and reduced plant hold-up volume. This results in reduced water consumption and the associated waste water treatment costs as well as a reduction in the consumption of CIP chemicals.

The plants are constructed to 3A sanitary standards for compliance with USDA and local regulatory health agency requirements. Exhaustive cleaning and sanitation trials on several commercially delivered plants have verified that plants operate with no compromise to cleanliness and sanitation. With several plants now delivered and in operation and several more in the pipeline, sufficient demand has been created to ensure that membrane elements in the 8" sanitary configuration are widely available from a number of manufacturers and can be supplied directly from GEA Filtration stock.

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