News | October 15, 2013

Global Nutraceutical Manufacturer Vitatech Nutritional Sciences, Inc. Implements New Quality Capabilities In QAD Enterprise Applications


QAD Inc. (NASDAQ:QADA) (NASDAQ:QADB), a leading provider of enterprise software and services for global manufacturers, announced that Vitatech® Nutritional Sciences Inc. has implemented the new quality capabilities within QAD Enterprise Applications. The enhanced QAD quality control framework allows Vitatech to track and report on ingredients used in different lots, batches and stages of their manufacturing processes.

Vitatech is a leader in the nutritional supplement, formulation and manufacturing industry.Known by its global customers for its dedication to superior quality, Vitatech manufactures nutritional solutions in tablet, two-piece capsule and powder form in accordance with the United States Federal Drug Administration’s (FDA), current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) for Dietary Supplements. The company’s international and domestic business is based on customers that demand unique combinations of products and services. The trusted manufacturer provides their products and formulas to private-label clients, including big-box retail franchises around the world. The well-known formulas from CinSulin® and Mamalicious® are among the leading brands from multi-national companies that make Vitatech their private label nutraceutical partner of choice.

Vitatech Continues to Optimize its Manufacturing Processes with Advances in QAD ERP

As Vitatech continues to expand their operations to support their growing global customer base, the company must also meet increasing regulatory requirements for controls and reporting. In recent years, Vitatech has made significant investments in enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions to help meet the unique requirements of their customers while delivering a competitive advantage.

As part of their recent upgrade to QAD Enterprise Applications, Vitatech deployed the latest capabilities in QAD’s quality control framework to support quality control throughout their manufacturing processes. “The advancements in QAD’s quality framework support Vitatech’s strategy for delivering the highest quality products with cost-effective, continually enhanced process efficiency,” said Thomas T. Tierney, CEO of Vitatech. “Upgrading our QAD ERP system provides us with a robust foundation for meeting the evolving Life Science requirements for traceability, analytical reporting and regulations for international commerce.”

As part of their system upgrade Vitatech has deployed the enhanced quality control and lot trace workbench, which are part of the Life Sciences Edition of QAD Enterprise Applications. With the QAD solution Vitatech has even greater capabilities to address regulatory mandates for product traceability. The enhancements to QAD quality control framework support detailed recording of quality attributes and traceability of materials throughout the supply chain from a single access point that supports backwards and forwards navigation through lot data.

Using the enhanced capabilities of the QAD quality control framework, Vitatech can achieve its goals for continual process improvement to achieve the following:

  • Simplify analytical test reporting, and ensure accuracy leveraging predefined parameter capabilities on a “field by field” basis for the testing of material attributes
  • Easily develop customized reports that match Vitatech’s requirements
  • Accelerate inspection and shipment evaluation
  • Automate in-bound material inspection
  • Reduce paperwork and set the stage for a migration to a paperless process
  • Easily retrieve information for analysis
  • Access detailed audit trails reporting for recording test results

QAD Quality Control Ensures Continuous Process Improvement on a Global Scale

“From the start, the QAD team has worked closely with us to extract greater value from our ERP-- to match demand and supply while optimizing critical resources as we expand our global business,” said Toni Clubb, chief financial officer at Vitatech. “The latest evolution of QAD Enterprise Applications, shaped specifically for Life Sciences, allows us to put quality at the core of every business process, facilitate business with our partners and makes it easier for us to maintain global regulatory compliance.”

Additionally as part of the upgrade, Vitatech has implemented QAD’s managed electronic data interchange (EDI) solution. QAD managed EDI simplifies collaboration and helps reduce costs with advanced capabilities that facilitate business with Vitatech’s global retail partners.

“As one of the most respected and innovative manufacturers of nutraceuticals around the world, Vitatech is well equipped to expand its global reach and ensure it maintains its unsurpassed quality standards while continually optimizing process efficiency,” said Dave Medina, vice president of Life Sciences. “QAD’s vision for the Effective Enterprise in Life Sciences is focused on helping our customers, like Vitatech, perform at their best as they innovate and manufacture safe and effective healthcare products.”

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About Vitatech

Based in Tustin, CA, Vitatech Nutritional Sciences, Inc. is a recognized market leader in the contract manufacturing and private labeling of vitamins and supplements. The company manufactures tablets, two-piece capsules and powders in an FDA-licensed, dietary supplement/food cGMP environment. Vitatech offers a modern analytical laboratory; innovative formulation design; high-volume/high speed, technologically advanced equipment; packaging services; and rigorous quality assurance. Since its founding in 1954, Vitatech has embraced the highest quality and leadership standards, serving private-label clients in more than 22 countries.

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