News | March 22, 2023

GOODLES™ Introduces New Line Of Dry Pasta Products

Moving from the mac aisle, GOODLES disrupts the pasta aisle with better-for-you pasta in three shapes, delivering on nutrition, taste and texture

Santa Cruz, CA /PRNewswire/ - GOODLES™ – the better-for-you noodle brand that has earned rave reviews for its modern line of boxed mac and cheese with delicious taste and nutrient-packed formulation, announced today the introduction of its latest product category and innovation: Dry Noodles. Three new pasta shapes join the portfolio of gooder mac and cheese - Lucky Penne (Penne); Loopdy-Loos (Cavatappi) and Curveballs (Pipette). These dry noodles boast a well-balanced nutritional profile with every serving providing 10g of protein, 7g of fiber with prebiotics, 21 nutrients from plant sources, fewer net carbs, and are a low Glycemic Index food, Kosher certified and a Clean Label Purity Award Winner.

"We took the nutrient-packed noodles from our mac and cheese, added a bit of semolina to get the perfect bite and texture, and made fun shapes for the pasta aisle. We cracked the code on better-for-you noodles that taste great, even without sauce," said Molly Michet, President of Research & Development and Founding Partner at GOODLES

All are available starting today in six-packs (single shapes) through the company's e-commerce site. GOODLES is elevating the pasta category with noodles that deliver on nutrition, taste and texture in neon-pink boxes to stand out in the sleepy supermarket pasta section.

"The pasta aisle is overflowing with golden, al dente pasta options that provide very little nutrition. There's also an 'alt-pasta' section with green, brown, orange, mushy, foamy noodles that offer more nutrition but little 'yum'," said Jen Zeszut, CEO and Co-Founder of GOODLES. "Why should you have to choose between taste and nutrition?"

Since launching in 2021 and selling out in the first three weeks, GOODLES has seen significant growth - reaching 28,500 points of retail distribution in just one year of business, donated 188,000 meals to families in need through impact partners who address food insecurity, and filled 8.6 million bowls of mac globally. Actress and Producer Gal Gadot is joined by a founding team of industry veterans - 4x CEO Jen Zeszut, brand entrepreneur Paul Earle, former Annie's President Deb Luster, and Research and Development leader Molly Michet - who are committed to growing the category with no-brainer swaps the whole family will love.

"While it may seem like we've created just one little noodle, made with protein, fiber and nutrients, we believe that this idea can change the world. If a bowl of mac and cheese can taste delicious and give us permission to eat what we love again, then pasta can too," said Gal Gadot, Founding Partner at GOODLES.

Beyond just product, GOODLES reinforces its unique position in the market with the use of bright, optimistic and punchy branding. Unlike legacy brands that tend to use dark, neutral colors, GOODLES uses diverse color schemes as part of the brand's goal to evoke a sense of joy and nostalgia that appeals to the masses.

"GOODLES is all about putting joyful, slightly weird surprises into the world. So when hot pink started showing up in culture, we decided to drop it someplace nobody was expecting: the sleepy pasta aisle," said Dan Chodrow, Executive Creative Director at GOODLES "Our new packaging is the perfect complement to what's inside it: a positive, vibrant, wake-up call to noodle lovers everywhere."

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GOODLES are noodles, made gooder. A brand that launched in November 2021 born out of the idea that mac and cheese is the cornerstone of pleasurable eating and loved by all ages, yet often lacks nutrition and crave-worthy taste. Made with a proprietary noodle recipe that looks, tastes, cooks and chews just like the noodles we all love, GOODLES includes protein, fiber, prebiotics, is a Low Glycemic Index food, has 21 nutrients from plants, has fewer calories and is the first boxed mac and cheese to win the coveted Clean Label Purity Award. GOODLES is HQ in Santa Cruz, CA and is committed to giving away at least 1% of all products sold to organizations that address food insecurity.


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