Company Profile | January 1, 1996

gums, starches, sweeteners, encapslation, stabilizers, lithography

Source: Importers Service Corporation (ISC)
gums, starches, sweeteners, encapslation, stabilizers, lithography IMPORTERS SERVICE CORPORATION has over half a century's experience as the dependable source for premium, non-genetically modified, all natural, spray-dried Gum Arabic, Gum Acacia, Gum Karaya, and Gum Tragacanth. ISC's expertise and manufacturing capabilities assure only the cleanest, clearest, most uniform gums, with the lowest microbial counts available. The company's relationships with all the major growers help to assure supply and price stability.

Experience: In 1961, ISC pioneered the first commercially available spray-dried Gum Arabic available in the U.S. Since then, virtually every improvement in Gum Arabic processing has been developed by our staff. ISC's dedication to this industry is demonstrated by its longevity and constant improvement of products in response to the industry's changing needs.

Service and Quality: ISC's manufacturing capabilities includes the world's largest spray dyer exclusively dedicated to processing Acacia gum. This ensures that ISC's premium, spray-dried gums are free from contamination by residual amounts of other materials. As a vertically integrated supplier, ISC maintains partnerships with the sources for raw material, and all processing is done in the company's 70,000 square foot manufacturing facility. Extensive inventories ensure prompt deliveries that meet your schedules, while ISC's packaging assures your convenience. Standard packaging options include bags, drums, and bulk packaging. ISC can also meet your custom packaging requirements.