News | November 13, 2018

Hidden Lake Launches Using Blue Marble Extraction Technology

Hidden Lake brings clean label and naturals expertise to the hemp product market.

Missoula, MT (PRWEB) - Hidden Lake LLC has selected Blue Marble Biomaterials, a long time industry leader in natural product innovation, to transform how industrial hemp products are developed. “The team at Blue Marble has been developing revolutionary products for over 12 years ranging from vegan bacon flavor to our most recent success, a biodiesel fuel made from coffee grounds used to power a tiny home on the East Coast for Dunkin Donuts,” stated James Stephens, Founder & CEO of Blue Marble. “Now, the intrepid R&D team gets to bring their successes and development prowess to the industrial hemp industry with the launch of Hidden Lake.” Hidden Lake is a company dedicated to providing unique, naturally derived industrial hemp products with a focus on positively impacting health, the environment and our society.

The brand’s mission is to educate, innovate and provide the best hemp products for consumers. Created in the spirit of original thinking and powered by Blue Marble extraction and formulation technologies, the Hidden Lake product line blends years of advanced, nature-based flavor, fragrance and skincare formulation with the rising popularity of hemp derived products. “Hidden Lake offers a fresh perspective to a rapidly growing space. Through our network of farmers, industry experience and product developers, the opportunity to bring beneficial business, formulation and a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) mindset is exciting,” said Frances Gilman, Senior VP of Blue Marble.

In an effort to legitimately advance the domestic hemp market, Hidden Lake and Blue Marble helped form a cooperative of Montana based farmers, product developers, testing laboratories and agricultural logistics specialists. The journey began with a flagship, pioneer farmer out of Choteau, Montana - Sam Armstrong, who planted 1600 acres of industrial hemp in 2018.

The partnerships have grown to include a variety of companies dedicated to making industrial hemp a successful industry for Montana and the United States. Two of our closest partners are Planet-3, a company dedicated to turning hemp waste fiber and hurd into high value components and and Greenhouse Farmacy, a regional leader in hemp-based lifestyle and wellness.

The Hidden Lake products are clean and simple, created from the whole plant and are designed for flexible use as an ingredient or directly as a topical solution. The initial product consists of only three ingredients - the whole plant extract, organic cold pressed hemp seed oil and vitamin E. Along with bringing transparency and scientific development to the hemp industry, helping people is at the forefront of the Hidden Lake mission. Their team is committed to the mindset of “people over profit” and aim to offer superior products at an affordable price. Not only are they passionate about improving people’s lives through their products, but they also hope to do so through the organizations they give back to. Hidden Lake donates 10 percent of every purchase to six different organizations that focus on our nation's youth, conservation, the terminally ill, veterans, mental health and the advancement of women in science.

Representatives from Hidden Lake, Blue Marble, and Planet-3 will be at the MJ Biz Con in Las Vegas, November 14th and 15th.

About Hidden Lake: Hidden Lake is a wholesome brand that is driven to provide a triple bottom line to the hemp utilization market for hemp consumers. Sustainability, economic opportunity and charitable giving are the pillars on which it is built. Created in the spirit of innovative thinking and powered by Blue Marble extraction and formulation technologies, Hidden Lake aspires to provide the best, cleanest products possible for a rapidly growing and changing industry. More information about Hidden Lake is available at

About Blue Marble: Blue Marble Biomaterials is an innovation power-house specializing in biomimetic techniques, microbial polyculture, and natural product development. Since 2007, their manufacturing pathways and product development expertise, has inspired Blue Marble to create natural ingredients for the flavor, fragrance, food and personal care industries. The resourceful and skill oriented team creates value for communities by generating solutions for partners and maintaining its ethics for consumer interests, clean labels and our environment. More information about Blue Marble is available at

About Planet-3: Planet-3 is a cannabis technology company that produces cultivation products from cannabis waste streams. Planet-3 provides hemp based: organic nutrients, growing media and natural grade carbon dioxide, covering all stages of growth from seed to harvest. More information is about Planet-3 at

About Greenhouse Farmacy: Greenhouse Farmacy is a premier hemp lifestyle dispensary proudly serving the Missoula community. Dedicated to providing premium cannabis products, we strive to educate our community and patient members about the medical science of cannabis and to offer a comfortable, clean, and safe environment for them to access their chosen medicine and products. More information about Greenhouse Farmacy can be found at

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