Ingredient Solutions For Low-Carb, High-Protein Pasta Developed By MGP

Source: MGP Ingredients Inc.
ATCHISON, Kan., October 28, 2003—MGP Ingredients, Inc. offers pasta manufacturers highly effective solutions for creating great tasting products that are lower in total available carbohydrates and high in protein.

MGPI's Pasta Power™ is a unique and highly functional wheat protein isolate that can be used to boost the protein content while reducing carbohydrate levels in pasta and noodles. Additionally, Pasta Power™ strengthens textural firmness and reduces the surface stickiness of cooked pasta. It can also be used to replace up to 100 percent of egg whites, delivering cost savings to the manufacturer while eliminating allergens and sanitation concerns.

FiberStar 70™, a recently introduced resistant wheat starch from MGP Ingredients, can be used in combination with Pasta Power™ to "provide a one-two punch in delivering benefits being sought by today's health-conscious consumers," according to Jack Walker, general manager of food ingredient sales.

FiberStar 70™ provides a minimum 70 percent of total dietary fiber while also lowering available carbohydrate levels. Because of its low water-holding capacity, FiberStar 70™ allows high levels of inclusion with minimal formulation changes. As a result, it can provide finished product claims such as "Good Source of Fiber," or "High Source of Fiber," depending on the usage level.

"Our Pasta Power and FiberStar 70™ provide extraordinary benefits in the production of low-carbohydrate, high-protein pasta," Walker said. "Among these are the preservation of desirable flavor and textural qualities in finished applications."