News | April 24, 2019

Ingredion Launches Two High-Functioning, Plant-Based Ingredients For Pet Food

PURITY P 1304 pea starch and VITESSENCE Pulse 1550 pea protein concentrate help manufacturers create appealing, nutritionally balanced products with in-demand, grain-free claims and clean labels that pet owners desire

Ingredion Incorporated, a leading global provider of ingredient solutions to diversified industries, recently announced two high-functioning, plant-based additions to its ever-growing pet food ingredients portfolio for the U.S. and Canada, PURITY P 1304 pea starch and VITESSENCE Pulse 1550 pea protein concentrate. The new ingredients provide superior formulation functionality while helping manufacturers meet consumer demand for grain-free, clean label pet foods with an enhanced nutritional profile.

PURITY P 1304 pea starch and VITESSENCE Pulse 1550 pea protein concentrate are ideal for manufacturers who want to formulate new products, replace other starches and flours and help support protein combinations. The two plant-based ingredients deliver the performance needed for a broad range of pet food products, including canned foods, gravies, dry kibble, treats, biscuits and more. The ingredients will be sold by Ingredion as part of the joint venture agreement announced in December of 2018 with Verdient Foods, Inc.

“Today’s health and wellness trends are driving pet owners to seek clean and simple foods for themselves as well as their pets,” said Patrick Luchsinger, Ingredion’s marketing and business development manager, Pet Food. “Ingredion’s PURITY P 1304 pea starch and VITESSENCE Pulse 1550 pea protein concentrate give pet food manufacturers two new options for creating grain-free, clean label products that will satisfy even the most discerning pet owners and pets.”

The trend toward the humanization of pets is helping to drive innovation and bring next-generation pet food and treats for both dogs and cats to market. According to a recent study, more than half of U.S. consumers indicate that they are as concerned about the health/well-being of their pets as they are with that of their family. * For the pet food industry, this means that manufacturers have a lot to consider when developing a differentiation strategy — from functionality and health benefits to the research behind ingredients, sustainability and sourcing considerations, and more.

Better performance in pet food applications
PURITY P 1304 pea starch and VITESSENCE Pulse 1550 pea protein concentrate provide texture and structure, improve water and fat binding, and offer thickening and gelling functionality in pet food applications. PURITY P 1304 pea starch helps formulators achieve improved ingredient binding, while VITESSENCE Pulse 1550 pea protein concentrate increases the efficiency of extrusion and injection molding processes.

Better nutrition for pets
VITESSENCE Pulse 1550 pea protein concentrate enables pet food companies to enhance the protein content of their products. The pea protein concentrate also gives manufacturers the ability to develop new products, reformulate current products and create protein combinations using other protein sources — for pet food and treats with a more complete protein profile.

More choices for meeting today’s consumer demand for pet food
Ingredion’s full range of pet food solutions enables manufacturers to find the right ingredient to meet consumer demand across a wide variety of applications. The experts at Ingredion’s Idea Labs innovation centers use science-based problem solving to create pet food ingredient solutions that support pet owner-preferred claims and labels. Whether the goal is achieving nutritional balance, reformulating for clean label or grain-free claims or simply adding more protein, Ingredion’s extensive pet food ingredients portfolio has a solution to fit every product need.

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Source: Ingredion Incorporated