News | June 19, 2001

Kids Put the Squeeze On Heinz for Next EZ Squirt Color

Kids Put the Squeeze On Heinz for Next EZ Squirt Color

Grab your buns, and brace yourselves. A new addition to the growing Heinz EZ Squirt color palette is just around the corner. That's awesome news for literally thousands of kids and parents who have contacted Heinz with phone calls, letters and e-mails asking for another color to squeeze alongside traditional red and the phenomenally popular Heinz EZ Squirt Blastin' Green. The new EZ Squirt color will be one of the following: orange, purple, hot pink or yellow.

Nearly a year ago, Heinz EZ Squirt Blastin' Green took consumers -- kids and grownups -- nationwide by storm. More than 10 million bottles were sold in the first seven months with Heinz factories working 24 hours a day, seven days a week to keep up with demand. Desperate consumers eager to get their hands on Heinz EZ Squirt Blastin' Green tried everything from impersonating Heinz executives' relatives to bidding for bottles posted on eBay. The product launch made headlines around the world, even though its distribution is only now expanding outside the U.S.

``With the success of Heinz EZ Squirt Blastin' Green, kids were telling us loud and clear, 'This is great! What's next?''' said Casey Keller, managing director for Ketchup, Condiments and Sauces at Heinz North America. ``And when kids tell us something, we listen.'' As the No. 1 consumers of ketchup, kids eat more than half of all ketchup in the United States, roughly 5 billion ounces annually. Heinz Ketchup, the market leader, makes up approximately half of the U.S. retail ketchup category.

Choosing color is child's play
Heinz EZ Squirt not only boosted Heinz's share of the ketchup market, it also boosted overall ketchup sales. ``There was never any doubt that kids would get their wish for a fun, new Heinz EZ Squirt color,'' added Brian Hansberry, vice president of Marketing for Ketchup, Condiments and Sauces at Heinz North America. ``The question naturally became, what's the next color?''

So, of course, Heinz turned to kids for advice about what color should be next to join the Heinz EZ Squirt lineup. Naturally, every color of the rainbow was suggested: orange, yellow, purple, hot pink and more. With a kaleidoscope of colors, the decision was anything but EZ, yet Heinz confirms a new color of Heinz EZ Squirt is, indeed, in production. The new color will be an additional offering to the EZ Squirt line and will not replace Blastin' green or the traditional red. Consumers can expect to see the new color in grocery stores by the end of August.
Kids inspired condiment creation

Originally, the idea of bringing a new color to an old condiment came directly from kids during focus group interviews conducted by Heinz. And it was kids again who hailed the product for its clever package during the launch last year. The curvy soft plastic of the Heinz EZ Squirt bottle is designed for little hands and the typical, two-fisted grip favored by kids. The nozzle is notably narrow to create a thin stream, enabling young condiment artists to use more precision when decorating their burgers, dogs, french fries, scrambled eggs and potato chips -- among other favorites.

With Heinz EZ Squirt, smiley faces now can have eyelashes. Tic-tac-toe boards won't smear Xs with Os. And instead of blobbing initials on a bun, kids can sign their whole names. Heinz EZ Squirt brings new excitement to ordinary menu items, at a time when choosy kids are more discriminating at mealtime than ever. Additionally, moms and dads like the fact that Heinz EZ Squirt is fortified with Vitamin C.

Take a guess at

Beginning June 29, kids can go to and follow the links to the Heinz EZ Squirt page. There, ketchup connoisseurs can take a crack at the next color and, within a few weeks, satisfy their condiment curiosity.

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