News | May 10, 2017

Kraft Heinz Company Opens Expanded Plant In Kirksville, Missouri

Kraft Heinz Company opened its $250M expanded facility, 165 miles northeast of Kansas City, in Kirksville, Missouri.

In June 2016, Kraft Heinz announced it was bringing more product lines for Oscar Mayer meats to its Kirksville location as part of a $250M expansion project. Kraft Heinz is also adding 200 jobs and seven new production lines for Oscar Mayer meats.

The investment enabled a massive renovation of the existing facility, nearly tripling its square footage from 188,000 to over 450,000 and ushering in state-of-the-art food processing equipment.

The Kraft Heinz facility has been in Kirksville since 1985, where it currently processes ham products. As part of the Kirksville expansion, Kraft Heinz will begin producing bologna, cotto salami and round white turkey, along with current square-cut ham manufacturing.

Kirksville Regional Economic Development, Inc’s (K-REDI) Executive Director, Carolyn Chrisman, stated, “This has been more than a year-long process of expansion, but well worth it. The capital investment, jobs, and additional taxes have added and will continue to give a boom to our community.”

SOURCE: Kraft Heinz Company