Less Fat And Less Additives With New Yoghurt Cultures

Source: CHR Hansen, Inc.
New consumer trends create a demand for new products and solutions. Changing times means changing tastes. The most important characteristics of Yo-Flex, the latest range of yoghurt cultures from Chr. Hansen, are:

Mild flavor: Yo-Flex cultures develop a very mild flavor and has high-texturing properties, which make it possible to reduce or even replace the use of additives like stabilizers or gelling agents. This is particularly attractive in children's products. Furthermore, minimal post-acidification guarantees longer shelf life of products.

High mouth feel in low-fat products: Yo-Flex cultures offer a high mouth feel and creaminess to low-fat products. These attributes have been very difficult to obtain with traditional cultures.

The new cultures are the result of a close relationship between Chr. Hansen and key players in the dairy industry. Leading yoghurt producers from Asia, Europe, South America and the U.S. have all been involved in the process. Anne Charlotte Didriksen, Marketing Manager for Chr. Hansen in Horsholm, Denmark, explains: "We started out with screening completely new strains more than two years ago. In the ensuing research and development, we followed a strict step-by-step procedure, and at all stages employed our sensory panel and commercial partners. I am convinced this working partnership plays an important part in the market's very positive reception of the Yo-Flex cultures."

For further information, please contact: Marilyn Stieve, Sr. Product Manager for Dairy in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at 800-558-0802 or email at Mstieve@chr-hansen-us.com; or Anne Charlotte Didriksen, Marketing Manager in Horsholm, Denmark at +45 45 74 73 16, or email at Charlotte.Didriksen@dk.chr-hansen.com.

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