News | April 17, 2006

Manitoba Harvest's New Organic Hemp Protein Powder Features Fiber

A Healthy "Whole Food" Protein Source That Offers 54% of Daily Fiber & is Easy to Digest

Winnipeg, Manitoba - Maintaining a healthy level of high quality protein and fiber in the diet is essential for people with busy and active lifestyles. Hemp protein powder is emerging as a leading protein choice due to its rich flavor and complete profile of essential amino acids. It is an added bonus that Manitoba Harvest's new Organic Hemp Protein Powder contains 54% of the FDA's daily recommended fiber.

Manitoba Harvest Organic Hemp Protein Powder provides a protein and fiber boost to on-the-go beverages such as smoothies, or it can be used as a nutritious flour alternative in baking recipes. Manitoba Harvest Organic Hemp Protein Powder is offered in a 16-ounce container for $14.99 and will be available at thousands of retail outlets in North America.

Organic Hemp Seed: The Plant Protein King
Hemp protein powder is among nature's richest sources of complete protein - a whopping 38%. Two-thirds of the protein in hemp is "edestin" - the precursors to such vital body components as hormones, hemoglobin, enzymes and antibodies. This edestin structure is the highest in the plant kingdom. Manitoba Harvest Organic Hemp Protein Powder also has a rich and balanced content of omega-6 and omega-3 essential fatty acids and a wide variety of vitamins and minerals.

Manitoba Harvest Organic Hemp Protein Powder is a well-balanced protein source that is easy to enjoy and easy to digest.

One of the advantages it holds over other protein powders is that it contains 54% of the FDA daily recommended intake of fiber. Many of the other protein powders on the market today, for example those that feature soy, contain little or no fiber, which can cause digestive problems including constipation. Furthermore, this healthy hemp powder doesn't contain gluten or added sugars, and it is free of the enzyme inhibitor found in soy and other legumes and grains that can prevent protein absorption and cause bloating and digestive challenges.

A Healthy "Whole Food" Powder Without The Additives & Residues In Other Powders
Unlike the multitude of refined "isolate" protein powders on the market today, Manitoba Harvest Organic Hemp Protein Powder is a "whole food" powder made from 100% live and viable hemp seeds grown organically without herbicides or pesticides. There are no additives or chemicals used in its production. While hemp foods like this new protein powder can be eaten in a raw form, soy protein typically requires high heating or fermentation to destroy various anti-nutritional qualities such as phytic acids. Manitoba Harvest's cold press process ensures that valuable enzymes are not destroyed and the many vitamins, minerals and nutrients remain intact. This is in sharp contrast to many soy protein isolates that are often processed with hexane, a petroleum solvent similar to gasoline.

Hemp foods are hot!
According to research from AC Nielsen, a leading provider of market data, hemp is one of the key "good for you" food industry categories that is getting consistent year-over-year sales gains. Data from SPINs, another market research leader, indicates that sales of hemp foods have grown more than 50% in each of the past two years. A favorable 2004 court decision in the U.S. that ended a 2-year legal struggle has provided a huge boost. The court ruled that hemp foods are legal because they don't contain THC, the drug found in marijuana, - a distant "cousin" of hemp.

Organic Hemp Protein Powder is Shaking Up the Smoothie Scene
Smoothie drinks are a hot trend, with 30% annual growth and sales of more than $1 billion in 2005. Smoothie bar franchises like Smoothie King (325 stores), and Jamba Juice (420 stores) are popping up everywhere. But you don't have to visit a specialist to enjoy a great smoothie. People enjoy blending their own smoothies at home and in office break rooms for the same reason they flock to juice bars: the great taste and convenience of a healthy "grab-and-go" meal or snack.

"Most of the smoothies made today are designed to be high in protein and suitable for weight management programs," explains celebrity lifestyle coach Cameron Shayne, creator of the Budokon method based in Los Angeles. Nutrition savvy people are discovering that hemp is a powerhouse food. "Hemp protein powder is a rising star in the world of smoothies," explains Cameron, whom advises stars including Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Meg Ryan and Renee Russo. "Not only is it one of the richest sources of complete protein in the plant kingdom, it is a vegetarian protein source that also features plenty of fiber, vitamins and omega-3 and -6 essential fatty acids," he adds.

Hemp Fueled Athletes
Elite athletes are also discovering that hemp is a powerhouse food. Pro Skateboarder Holly Lyons is a high-flying example of hemp's growing status as a healthy action sports lifestyle food. Lyons, the 7th ranked skateboarder in the world, was fueled by Manitoba Harvest hemp when she placed fifth at the 2005 X-Games in August. "I enjoy a smoothie with hemp everyday for breakfast and I feel lighter and more energetic all day," says Lyons.

Hemp protein has high levels of branched-chain amino acids that are crucial for repair and growth of lean body mass. "I've found that soft tissue strains heal quicker now that my diet is supplemented with the protein and essential fatty acids in hemp foods," says Brendan Brazier, champion professional triathlete and author of Thrive: a Guide to Optimal Health and Performance Through Plant-Based Whole Foods. "I make several types of bread from organic hemp protein powder," adds Brazier.

SOURCE: Manitoba Harvest