New Oreo Turns Milk Blue

New Oreo Turns Milk Blue

Nabisco Biscuit Co. (East Hanover, NJ) is introducing Oreo Magic Dunkers, an new Oreo that interacts with kids to create swirls of blue milk when dunked. Beginning April 24, 2000, a limited edition of the product will be available in stores nationwide. The specially marked 20-oz packages have a suggested retail price of $3.69.

Designed with kids in mind, Nabisco technologists spent more than a year perfecting the blue milk effect, which does not change the milk or the cookies' flavor. The more you dunk, the bluer the milk will turn.

"The blue food coloring that is used in Oreo Magic Dunkers is safe and easily washes off hands and fades from mouths just like the coloring used in ice pops and candies," says Nabisco senior cookie technologist Jessica Aronofsky.

Nabisco's market research shows that the two most popular ways of eating an Oreo are twisting the cookie apart or dunking it in a cold glass of milk. In fact:

• 35 % of respondents twist their Oreo cookies, while 30% dunk and 10% nibble.
• 71% of all nibblers are women.
• Women prefer twisting, men prefer dunking.
• Children's inquisitive nature makes them predominantly twisters, but they often re-sandwich the cookie, after licking the creme center, to dunk.
• Chicago and Philly are dunking cities, as are Buffalo and New Orleans.
• New York City, Las Vegas and Nashville are twisting towns.

Edited by Scott Hegenbart