News | August 1, 2002

New oxygen scavenging system for meats.

Source: Nutricepts, Inc.
Nutricepts, Inc. announces a new version of the OxyVac™ oxygen scavenging system. New OxyVac™-S (patent pending) is designed for use with cured and fresh meat. It creates and maintains a near zero oxygen atmosphere, preserving freshness, maintaining color, and extending shelf life. OxyVac-S is suitable for plant-to-retail bulk packs as well as point-of-sale packages. It expands the range of goods that can benefit from MAP packaging. OxyVac-S requires no special handling and can be applied directly to the meat product during packaging, or it can be placed in sachets. OxyVac™-S is the first viable substitute for iron oxide sachets and offers significant cost savings. More information can be found at or by calling 952-707-0207.

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