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Niro Inc. Is Exhibiting At BevExpo 2004

Source: GEA Process Engineering Inc.
Come And Visit Us At Booth #1625

BevExpo 2004
September 29 – October 1, 2004
Tampa, Florida

BevExpo is a new show, which is designed to attract a full range of food, dairy, nutraceutical, and beverage processors, manufacturers, and bottlers. The typical visitor is expected to be in the business of bottled water, soft drinks, milk, juice and juice drinks, beer and other non-carbonated beverages of all types – mainly from North and Latin America. This is expected to become the largest U.S.-based beverage industry trade event devoted exclusively to manufacturing, processing, production, formulation development, and process technology for the $700 billion beverage industry.

At BevExpo 2004 our booth will feature the following GEA companies and business groups:

Niro Soavi
GEA Filtration
GEA Liquid Processing
GEA Evaporation Technologies
Tuchenhagen Flow Components
Westfalia Separator

Niro is a world leading supplier of liquid and powder processing systems. Niro is owned by GEA, a global group of companies specializing in process and thermal engineering activities. Niro is a member of GEA Process Engineering Division, which is represented in more than 50 countries and retains a total of about 3,200 employees.

GEA Liquid Processing
GEA Liquid Processing supplies process technology through detailed engineering, from conceptual level to manufacturing and delivery of liquid plants and automation that can be integrated into a plant wide operation. GEA Liquid Processing is regarded as the process integrator of the GEA Group. It was originally setup as an in-house project management group specialized in handling large cross-divisional projects. Today, GEA Liquid Processing's role is much more diversified and includes process design and automation as well as systems integration of non-GEA unit operations and systems.

Our fermentor, bioreactor, preparation vessel, and storage tank technology from newly acquired Diessel * will be our special feature at BevExpo 2004 together with our project management capabilities.

Diessel also supplies beverage process skids such as sugar dissolving systems, CIP (Cleaning-In-Place) systems, carbonation systems, mixing and blending systems, deaeration systems, syrup preparation and clarification systems, etc.

Niro Soavi
Niro Soavi supplies a full range of sanitary 3A high-pressure pumps and homogenizers. At this show Niro Soavi will feature data about the new energy efficient homogenizing valve "The NanoValve". The NanoValve enables the homogenizing process at lower pressures in most dairy, food and beverage applications. This reduces the energy consumption up to 20% on, for example, whole milk homogenization. The NanoValve can be installed on all existing Niro Soavi homogenizers as well as on other brands. The patented system provides a stable operating and a very low noise level.

On display will be the popular laboratory table-top homogenizer PANDA 2K. The PANDA 2K homogenizer is a unique little machine that have the ability to process small volumes of liquids and pumpable fluids, homogenizing samples at rates up to approx. 160 ml/min, at pressures up to 21,750 psi. The PANDA 2K homogenizer is available for purchase or for short-term lease.

GEA Evaporation Technologies
GEA Evaporation Technologies is dedicated to supplying evaporation, distillation, rectification, and crystallization process technology and systems to the North American market. The company serve a variety of industries, including biotechnology, food, dairy and beverage, and environmental. Product lines include:

  • Niro (sanitary multi-effect evaporators for the dairy industry; including thermal vapor recompression, mechanical vapor recompression, and compact evaporators)
  • GEA Wiegand (distillation, rectification, and evaporation of beverages, carbohydrates, and alcohol)
  • GEA Kestner (climbing film, falling film, flash, and forced circulation evaporators and crystallizers)

GEA Filtration
GEA Filtration is a world leader in cross-flow membrane filtration, with reverse osmosis and nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, and microfiltration as core technologies. Typical applications include:

  • Clarification and pre-concentration of fruit and vegetable juices
  • Concentration and separation of vegetable and plant proteins such as soy, canola and oat
  • De-alcoholization of beer and wine
  • Soy milk and soy protein concentration
  • Sugar, dextrose, corn syrup, maltodextrin, and fructose clarification and purification
  • Process wastewater treatment

GEA Filtration also offers a wide range of feasibility- and process development-scale membrane filtration pilot plants. The GEA Filtration range of membrane filtration pilot plants includes models small enough and economical enough for very small-scale feasibility testing to small-scale production simulation units. This wide range of plant size allows opportunity for evaluation of not only technical but commercial feasibility.

Tuchenhagen Flow Components
Tuchenhagen Flow Components offer the single most comprehensive range of sanitary cleaning devices and mix-proof, single-seat, divert, sample, pressure relief and modulating control valves.
Tuchenhagen Flow Components also offers advanced tank-top systems for process monitoring and protection of for instance fermentation tanks or storage tanks. GEA Liquid Processing routinely integrates these into plant operation as well.

Westfalia Separator
Westfalia Separator offers ready-to-connect separator and decanter systems for numerous processes. The core competence of the new Westfalia Separator is combining separators and decanters with process engineering. Westfalia Separator builds state-of-the-art machines to the highest quality standards. Every machine or process solution is based on decades of experience combined with intensive research and development. Westfalia Separator has been working to DIN ISO 9001 standard since 1989.

Separators and decanters have been indispensable equipment for decades in the production of beer, wine, fruit and vegetable juices and other beverages. In the decisive process stages, continuously operating centrifuges ensure economical processing and high quality of the end product.

Leading Technologies. Individual Solutions.

For further information about our participating at BevExpo 2004 please contact:

Mads M. Skaarenborg
Niro Inc.
9165 Rumsey Road
Columbia, MD 21045
Tel.: 410 997 6617
Fax: 410 997 5021
Web: /

Source: GEA Process Engineering Inc.