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Serenity Kids Reinvents Smoothies With The Launch Of The First Ever Low Sugar, Dairy-Free Smoothies With Grass Fed Collagen For Children

The fastest growing shelf-stable baby and toddler food brand debuts a new range of vegetable-forward, protein-rich, and dairy-free smoothie pouches

Austin, TX /PRNewswire/ - Today, Serenity Kids, the nation's leading shelf-stable baby and toddler food brand, continues to introduce high-quality, nutrient-rich product offerings with four new innovative Dairy-Free Smoothie + Protein pouch varieties. These are the first-ever baby food products on the market to include protein from grass fed collagen. The four new varieties include: Berry Butternut, Pumpkin Spice, Sweet Potato Spice, and Beet & Carrot.

"We pride ourselves at continuing to research, innovate, and further impact the baby and toddler food category for the better - and these new Dairy-Free Smoothies as the first baby food products to ever include grass-fed collagen protein prove just that!" said Serenity Carr, co-founder and CEO of Serenity Kids.

Current kid-centric smoothies on the market are made with dairy which is hard for many to digest and fruit that is naturally high in sugar. Other organic dairy-free options still contain over nine grams of sugar and very few vegetables which tend to be very sweet and can encourage an early preference for sugar in children. Serenity Kids' new shelf-stable Dairy-Free Smoothies reimagine the status quo for the category to offer the first low sugar, vegetable-forward option that boasts nutrient-rich protein from grass-fed collagen to support baby and toddlers' overall health, function, and growth.

Serenity Kids introduces organic coconut cream in this range as a healthy dairy-free alternative, plus the pouches are packed with nutrition from organic vegetables, herbs, and spices. Each Dairy-Free Smoothie variety is loaded with protein-rich collagen, four grams or less of total sugar from the natural ingredients, no added sugar, five or more grams of brain boosting fat, and five grams of protein. The Berry Butternut Smoothie also includes antioxidant-rich, low glycemic blueberries. Serenity Kids' Smoothies line is third party tested for over 200 heavy metals, plasticizers, and contaminants by the Clean Label Project.

"Collagen continues to trend as a result of its many health benefits, but babies and toddlers have been left out! We have incorporated this superstar ingredient into our new line of shelf-stable, health-forward, and kid-approved Dairy-Free Smoothie + Protein pouches," said Carr. "Young children may not always get enough protein from their normal diet, so collagen can be an effective supplement during this critical time of growth. Collagen can support the health of bones, digestion, connective tissue, and the cardiovascular system. Our new Smoothies line tastes great - the pouches are creamy with a perfect balance of savory and sweet."

With this new line launch, Serenity Kids also intends to increase the age-range of pouches. While babies typically begin to age out of purees around 18 months, the Dairy-Free Smoothies can be enjoyed well into childhood or even by adults. Other established household brands that have created kid-centric or adult snack pouches have validated the popularity of spouted pouches well beyond baby, and now Serenity Kids' Smoothies are a low-sugar, protein-packed alternative to those products.

Serenity Kids uses only premium ingredients without any antibiotics, added hormones, pesticides, fillers, or major allergens. In keeping with the brand's high standards, all of the Dairy-Free Smoothies are non-GMO and USDA Organic certified, contain no added sugar, and are Certified Gluten-Free. The new Dairy-Free Smoothie line will be available online at, Thrive Market, and in Whole Foods nationwide for $3.99 MSRP each. The Berry Butternut Dairy-Free Smoothie variety has been selected by Whole Foods Market to be a part of the retailer's Product Discovery Program which highlights new, exciting, and on-trend products within the stores.

About Serenity Kids:
Serenity Kids makes premium products of the highest nutritional, ethical, and taste standards. Serenity Kids only uses ingredients without any antibiotics, added hormones, pesticides, fillers, GMOs, or major allergens. The brand has established partnerships with Land to Market and Partnership for a Healthier America. All of Serenity Kids' products are Clean Label Project certified, and the brand is one of the few baby and toddler food companies that has received a Clean Label Project Purity Award, indicating the products are amongst the cleanest in the category in terms of heavy metals, pesticides, and other neurotoxins. Serenity Kids' new Dairy-Free Smoothie, Ethically Sourced Meat, Organic Savory Veggie, and Purees with Bone Broth pouch lines as well as the Grain Free Puffs line and new Toddler Formula are available online at, Amazon, and Thrive Market, and in over 12,000 grocery stores nationwide including Harris Teeter, select H-E-B locations, Kroger, Natural Grocers, Meijer, select Albertsons/Safeway locations, Sprouts, Target, Wegmans, Whole Foods Market, Walmart, and more. Whole Foods Market recently awarded Serenity Kids the Supplier of the Year Environmental Stewardship Award. For more information on the brand, mission, and products, please go to, and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

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