News | March 17, 2005

Shari's Berries Now Kosher Certified

Ingredients, equipment, and manufacturing processes measure up at leading chocolate-covered strawberry producer

Sacramento, CA - Shari's Berries, the nation's leading brand of gourmet dipped strawberries, announces that part of its unique gift assortment - featuring plump, juicy strawberries dipped in smooth, rich chocolate - is now kosher certified. To attain certification, a field supervisor of the Kosher Supervision of America inspected the ingredients, equipment, and manufacturing processes at Shari's Berries' Sacramento, CA plant, which is now a kosher certified manufacturing facility.

Products certified as Kosher Dairy contain the KSA-D symbol in product descriptions at store locations, in catalogs, and online at Shari's Berries' award-winning website Live customer help is available online via chat window during standard business hours, or by phone at 1-877-BERRIES, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Since Kosher Dairy products may contain ingredients such as milk, cream, or butter, they are kosher for dairy meals. In Orthodox Judaism, meat and dairy products are not mixed in the same meal. Shari's Berries uses the same ingredients, formulas, and processes in its kosher and non-kosher products, so there's no change in taste or quality.

Shari's Berries follows a written list of kosher ingredients and approved production processes. A trained Rabbinical field representative regularly visits their Sacramento plant unannounced to verify that no changes have compromised kosher status.

In general, consumers cannot tell if a product is kosher without certification because ingredient labels may contain non-kosher materials, depending on sub-ingredients or unmentioned manufacturing processes. Even one non-kosher ingredient can render a product unsuitable. For example, glycerin may be of animal or vegetable origin, and a product may have been produced on non-kosher equipment.

It should be noted that although some Shari' Berries products are Kosher-Dairy certified, they are not kosher for Passover, which has more stringent requirements.

Starting with premium strawberries dipped fresh daily, Shari's Berries adds only pure white, milk, or dark chocolate topped with almond slivers, coconut shavings, or mini chocolate chips. Chocolate-dipped strawberries disguised as roses (with handmade stems and silk leaves, garnished with baby's breath and fern) is their signature trademark.

Shari's Berries is a recipient of the prestigious Vanguard Award for innovative Internet use, and was voted the best product made in Sacramento for two years in a row (over Intel and Campbell's Soup).

For product or company information call 916-487-9999, ext. 233; fax 1-877-237-8705; or visit on the Internet. To order toll-free, call 1-877-BERRIES or 1-877-237-7437, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Source: Shari's Berries