News | May 10, 1999

SPI Polyols Expands Sorbitol Capacity

Source: SPI Polyols, Inc.

Following an increase in their hydrogenation capacity earlier this year, SPI Polyols (New Castle, DE) has commissioned extra crystallizing and grinding equipment to expand production capacity of crystalline sorbitol by 50%. The company expects the work to be completed by June 1999.

SPI marketing director Normand Chabot said the additional capacity investment was made to meet the growing need in sugar-free foods and confections. This is the company's second expansion since October 1998 when it was purchased by ABF, a large, European-based food company.

"ABF is committed to growing our worldwide polyol and specialty additive business," said Chabot.

SPI manufactures a wide range of polyols including sorbitol, mannitol, maltitol and hydrogenated starch hydrolysates. The company also offers specialty sweeteners such as powdered maltose and directly compressible sugars.

For more information, contact SPI Polyols, Inc., 321 Cherry Ln., New Castle, DE 19720-2780. Tel: 800-789-9755. Fax: 302-576-8569.