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Texan Entrepreneur Envisions Texas As The Epicenter Of Plant-Based Protein Production

Crossroads, TX /PRNewswire/ - All Y'alls Foods Founder and CEO Brett Christoffel has stated that the rapidly accelerating plant-based foods trend represents an extraordinary opportunity for Texas to become a key player in plant-based protein manufacturing and innovation.

All Y'alls Foods is a mission-driven and visionary plant-based protein company founded by Brett Christoffel. Inspired by his journey towards compassion and sustainability, the company he built aims to offer more delicious and nutritious plant-based protein alternatives and is committed to fostering a healthier, more sustainable world for all living beings. The company's products include It's Jerky Y'all in Prickly Pear Chipotle, Prickly Pear Teriyaki, Black Pepper & Sea Salt, and It's Big Crunchy Bacony Bits Y'all toppings. A portion of every sale goes to helping rescued animals at Rowdy Girl Sanctuary.

Contrary to the stereotypical image of Texas as solely a hub for the beef, cotton, and petrochemical industries, Christoffel maintains that the state's movement towards clean energy and sustainability has grown significantly in recent years and that this shift could lead to innovative, new forward ways of thinking on the part of citizens and business leaders in other sectors. "Here in Texas, we produce more petrochemicals than any other state. But we also capture the most wind energy in the US - 30%. And, amazingly, we are the second-largest solar energy producer in the US." Christoffel adds that "There is more balance here than you might think. People are starting to think differently." Christoffel said he believes that this transformation in the Texas energy sector demonstrates how an environmentally problematic business model can be gradually replaced by one based on imagination, innovation, and sustainability. "As long as it's profitable, it works," he added. This bodes well, he says, for new business models like plant-based protein in their development and production.

Why Plants?
Although Texas is the largest Beef producer in the US, Christoffel points out that the growing consumer demand for plant-based protein creates new opportunities: "Plant-based protein seed-to-skillet production can combine traditional farming practices with newer methods like urban vertical farms and hydroponic farms, and that could lead to the development of production facilities and complexes across the state. Plant-based protein production uses 10% of the land, fuel, and water required for its animal equivalent. And every Texan knows we must conserve our precious water more than ever."

Christoffel agrees with the widespread medical and scientific consensus that plant-based diets have substantial health and nutritional benefits. Using his products as an example, he said: "Compared to beef jerky, ours has more protein, calcium, iron, and magnesium and is full of fiber and phytonutrients. With no or low sugar and sodium and is made from whole non-GMO soybeans." Without skipping a beat, he smiled and added, "Oh, and did I forget to mention that it has zero cholesterol? You're welcome."

Christoffel is undoubtedly an unlikely candidate to emerge as an outspoken advocate of plant-based eating. He says his diet was a mix of meat, dairy, processed, and fast foods for most of his life. "I was the last guy in the world that you'd expect to become vegan. I loved juicy burgers, pork chops, and everything else. I couldn't understand why anyone would remove animal products from their diet. That didn't make sense to me. The first time I heard the term meatless Mondays, I laughed out loud because I couldn't even think of a meatless snack."

Then, Christoffel said that something changed that he never could have anticipated. He stopped to look at the Elephants on a trip to the Fort Worth Zoo in 2016. "It occurred to me instantly, and for the first time, that all animals are aware and present and don't want to die. I don't know how I never really saw that before. I turned to my wife and said I am done eating animals, and that was that."

Inspired by his newfound thinking, Christoffel began to explore a cleaner, plant-based diet and, in four years, shed over 100 pounds. He also experienced what he described as "A peace I've never known before and a sense of connection with all living things."

In 2017 Christoffel read that beef was Texas' second largest export next to cotton. "Because I have this love and compassion for every bovine the same way I do for a dog or cat, I asked myself aloud, 'Well are you going to bitch about it, or are you going to change it?' I immediately decided to change it. I could start by replacing the taste and texture of beef jerky with a plant-based version I knew people would love."

Christoffel began experimenting with GMO-free whole soybean-based recipes in his home kitchen in April 2017. In May of the following year, he launched his first product; It's Jerky Y'all, and with it, his company, All Y'alls Foods. With quirky branding that plays off its Texas roots and four popular products so far, meat-eating Texans and plant-based aficionados have become enthusiastic fans of this quickly growing company. Company officials stated that, on average, sales have doubled yearly and that it now sells its products directly to consumers and through upwards of 400 stores. In keeping with Christoffel's edict to make a difference, a portion of revenue from every bag sold goes to Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, the first Texas cattle ranch turned vegan farm animal sanctuary that cares for over 135 animals, 70 of those cows.

"I knew Texas was ready for plant-based proteins when it's very own queen of the grocery H-E-B picked All Y'alls Foods as one of its 20 finalists in their 2019 Quest for Texas Best contest, and we came in 6th, and 840 people had entered. We are in 143 of their stores and enjoy a great relationship with the hometown team." Speaking of supporting Texas businesses, becoming a Go Texan member allowed All Y'alls to be in their general store at the Texas State Fair in Dallas for three weeks each fall. It is only a fraction of the value membership affords him. "Grateful to have the great state of Texas Department of Agriculture's support in our success, as well as HEB a champion for All Y'alls for four years running."

Circling back to the business, Christoffel reiterated, "As the plant-based movement gains momentum, more and more people in Texas are beginning to recognize the significance of tasty, healthy, and sustainable alternatives like plant-based proteins." Asked if he felt that turning Texas into a center for the plant-based proteins industry was possible, he paused momentarily. He said: "There's an amazing opportunity here on our doorsteps to help feed the world clean protein. And I know Texans. We can come together to build something extraordinary when we want to."

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You can purchase All Y'alls Foods directly from the website, through, H-E-B grocery stores, and in natural, specialty, and vegan stores nationwide.

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