News | March 28, 2003

The Irish Dairy Board

Source: Irish Dairy Board Inc.

The Irish Dairy Board is the major international exporter of Irish dairy products, servicing the needs and quality demands of customers world-wide.

From its formation in 1961, the Board has evolved in response to the changing European and world business environment. It is now one of Ireland's biggest exporters and a major food distribution company in overseas markets, with annual sales of €1.9 billion.

The Board owns the internationally established Kerrygold brand, the Irish dairy industry's most important marketing asset. Its product portfolio is tailored precisely to market needs and can be divided into three key sectors: retail business, food ingredients and commodity trading. The Irish based marketing and sales staff is supported in their overseas operation by local agents and distributors, sales offices and subsidiary companies. Group subsidiaries in Europe and the US market a wide selection of specialised cheeses, cooked meats, fish and delicatessen-type products of both Irish and non-Irish origin.

Operating in a wide variety of markets, the Board's trade covers every continent. However, during the current decade one of its main objectives is to increase sales within the EU through improved distribution and marketing structures.