News | April 30, 2004

Vanilla Market News

Source: OSF Flavors, Inc.
Even though a new violent cyclone named Gafilo has recently hit again the island of Madagascar, 2004-2005 crop of vanilla beans in the island should be around 1,300 metric tons.

However, in order to improve the overall quality of the crop and to sustain prices, the National Group of Vanilla Exporters (NGVE) has declared that no vanilla form the 2004-2005 crop would be exportedbefore January 15th, 2005. Prices of beans without speculation should therefore remain stable, slightly going downwards.

Many companies have reduced their consumption of pure vanilla extracts, switching to Vanilla WONF flavors when possible.

OSF Flavors believes that a good Vanilla WONF flavor should contain at least 50% of pure Bourbon extract of same strength, needed for its mellow, rummy, subtle notes.

OSF Flavors offers a full range of pure Bourbon Vanilla extracts at competitive prices as well as Vanilla WONF flavors that respect quality and meet your standards of cost efficiency.

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