News | June 8, 2021

Viida Foods Launches Line Of Deliverable, Fresh Latin American Food With Viida Market

New York, NY /PRNewswire/ - Viida Market is excited to announce its line of deliverable, fresh Latin American food called Viida brought to you by the founders of Areppas. These delicious Latin foods are made using only natural ingredients and no added sugars or dairy in order to welcome those with diets of all kinds to experience the mouthwatering flavors of authentic Latin American cuisine from the comfort of their home.

Viida was created by hard-working individuals who know the value of a good meal and understand that food is foundational to both mental and physical wellbeing, which is why they set out to create a line of convenient meals that do not compromise any flavor or health benefits.

"You're not going to find better frozen Latin American foods anywhere else," said owner Celestino Diaz. "Each of our meals is created in-house at our NYC-based restaurants in the morning and shipped at night, making there no need for preservatives or anything artificial to be added to our products."

Signature products like Cheese Tequeños ($12.99) are white cheese wrapped in pastry dough and can be baked or fried to perfection. Each package contains 12 Tequeños and is the perfect snack or side for any meal. The Empanadas ($10.99-$11.99) come in shredded beef, white cheese, or shredded chicken and make the perfect, quick yet delicious weeknight dinner idea. The Original Arepa ($10.99) is created using three simple ingredients (cornflour, water, and salt) and can be eaten plain or accompanied with cheese, various meats, and avocado, among other options. Viida also offers an Arepa Verde ($11.99) that is made with cilantro, parsley, line, and masa harina. You can save money on each product when you purchase five or more, saving you 5-10% on your total order.

Viida Market also offers a variety of other snacks, including Cocosette Wafers, Susy Wafers, Toronto Chocolates, Ovomaltina Chocolates, and more. Head over to to get 20% off Juices using promo code "20OFFJUICES" and enter for a chance to win a free air fryer and a bag of each product!

Owner Celestino Diaz was born in Caracas, Venezuela and came to America in 2004 with his family in order to escape the country's hardships. With his wife, Brooke Carrie Hil, Diaz set out to create a restaurant that would pay homage to his background, and because of his drive, Areppas has grown exponentially and is quickly becoming one of the most well-known fast-casual eateries in NYC as well as online stores for authentic, fresh Latin American food items.

Visit today to shop their full line of deliverable Latin American food and taste the difference for yourself.

Source: Viida Foods

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