Business Wire

  1. Pure Via Using Only Non-GMO Ingredients

    Whole Earth Sweetener Company LLC recently announced that it has launched a new Pure Via produced with Non-GMO ingredients

  2. Global Nutraceutical Manufacturer Vitatech Nutritional Sciences, Inc. Implements New Quality Capabilities In QAD Enterprise Applications

    QAD Inc., a leading provider of enterprise software and services for global manufacturers, announced that Vitatech Nutritional Sciences Inc. has implemented the new quality capabilities within QAD Enterprise Applications

  3. HORN Bolsters Internal Infrastructure And Resources

    HORN, a leading national distributor, supplier, marketer, and manufacturer of specialty ingredients, raw materials and chemicals, announced that Daniel Gonzalez and Roman Mailloux have accepted positions as Buyers with responsibilities across all six of HORN’s business units

  4. New Gluten-Free Whenever Bars From Pamela’s Make On-The-Go Snacking Easy And Healthy
    Setting the gold standard in gluten-free baking since 1988, Pamela’s Products is launching a new line of snack bars inspired by their loyal customers. Whenever Bars are soft and chewy, gluten-free, whole-grain bars that are as delicious as they are healthy and convenient
  5. Survey Reveals Lack Of Education By Healthcare Professionals May Be Barrier To Consumers Recognizing Health Benefits Of Soy
    A survey released today indicates that while about two-thirds of U.S. adults (64%) want to improve either their own or someone else’s diet, only 7% of those is doing so by increasing soy intake
  6. ConAgra Foods To Leverage Smart Choices Program Food Labels To Help Consumers Improve Nutrition
    To help Americans make the food and beverage choices important to healthier living, ConAgra Foods will feature the Smart Choices Program™ logo, a labeling program unveiled at the American Dietetic Association’s annual expo, on its products
  7. FUNctional Beverages For Kids; Introducing Crayons All-Natural FUNctional Beverages
    Bellevue, Wash. based Crayons® All-Natural Beverage Company launches, at the October 16-18 Natural Products Expo East in Boston, the first and only all-natural line of FUNctional™ beverages formulated to address everyday FUNctional™ needs of today’s youth
  8. Monterey Mushrooms, Inc. Launches Vitamin D Rich Sun Bella Brand Mushrooms In Stores Nationwide
    The nation’s largest grower and shipper of mushrooms, Monterey Mushrooms, Inc., is launching their Sun Bella™ brand—the first fresh mushrooms to provide at least 100% of the Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) of Vitamin D in a single, three-ounce serving (about four or five mushrooms) through a natural sun ripening process
  9. Flax-Based Omega-3 ALA Expects To Be Next Superfood
    As consumers become aware of the health benefits of Omega-3, the demand for flax-based Omega-3 ALA is also on the rise. This is evident in fast growing demand for products with Omega-3 ALA
  10. E.T. Horn Expands Its Wellness-Foods Ingredient Category
    The E.T. Horn Company, a leading distributor, supplier, marketer, and manufacturer of specialty chemicals and ingredients, announced that it has reached an exclusive agreement with the Dr. Paul Lohmann Company to represent and distribute its full line of mineral salts in 12 western states