Product Showcase

  1. Alpha Trim-W amylase inhibitor
    Alpha amylase inhibitor for diet and weight loss aids.
    Commonly referred to as a starch blocker.
    Alpha Trim-W concentrated activity provides more inhibition activity in a smaller capsule.
  2. Holiday Gift Boxes - Variety Pack
    It's a cheese lover delight! Six 8oz. chunk's of cheese in one gift box, what could be better. This gift box will delight all those who have a finer appreciation of cheese
  3. French Brioche Mix
    This mix produces a light, tender, sweet yeast dough used to make the traditional Brioche pastry as well as many other varieties of rich yeast dough products. The high ratio of eggs and butter enhances the distinctive flavor and enticing aroma of this succulent pastry dough.
  4. Bavarian Pretzel Mix
    This is a Pretzel Mix that can be used for making rolls and baguettes as well as the traditional Twisted Pretzel. This mix creates Bavarian style soft pretzels that have an Old World taste and a glossy golden crust.
  5. Holiday Gift Boxes - Country Club Classic
    It's the classic combination of McCadam cheeses and smoked summer sausage that's been a favorite for years. Whatever your taste, you'll find satisfaction with the Country Club Classic
  6. Pan D'Oro Bread Mix,
    This mix is made from specially milled Durum Semolina Flour, which gives this bread long lasting freshness, delectable golden color, chewy texture, and authentic Italian flavor, making this bread a true Italian specialty.
  7. Choice 6 Grain Bread Mix
    6 Grain Breads are noted for their distinct flavor, which comes from the special blending of oats, wheat, rye, millet, corn, barley, and malt. These flavors combined with exceptional crunchy texture of the sesame and flax seed, create delicious hearty flavored breads & rolls.
  8. 10/12% Red Dutch (Alkalized) Cocoa Powder
    Light reddish/brown color. Full flavor and outstanding powder fineness. Likely alkalized, neutral pH.
  9. Clarified
    These Clarified "CL" Brown Rice Syrups are made enzymatically from brown rice and are available in a variety of conversion types.
  10. 20/22% Dutch (Alkalized) Cocoa Powder
    Economical, non-alkalized, hi-fat, low-calorie, brownish cocoa powder. Neutral pH, good fineness and excellent wettability.