Product Showcase

  1. K-Tron Combined Feeder/Receiver Unit
    The combined Feeder/Receiver unit is a combination of proven K-Tron feeding and conveying technology based on the P-Series Receivers and K2M Feeders. Originally designed for a Gain-in-Weight application with restricted head room requirements , this unit has also been used successfully for direct loss-in-weight feeder refill where sticky or fluidizing powder could cause problems with refill valves.
  2. Dryers

    K-Tron Pneumatic Conveying energy efficient, dual tower desiccant bed dryers provide capacities of 50 to 4000 lb./hr. (22 to 1800 kg./hr.). Process air with a – 40° F dew point is guaranteed. A wide range of hopper sizes are available as well as a choice of voltages and a high heat option.

  3. ActiFlow™: A NEW Material Flow Aid
    The ActiFlow Smart Bulk Solids Activator reliably prevents bridge-building and ratholing of cohesive bulk materials in stainless steel hoppers, in loss-in-weight feeding applications, eliminating the need for mechanical vertical agitation.
  4. Douglas Model 1536-SPW Scale Parts Washer
    Douglas Scale Parts Washers are designed to quickly and efficiently clean detachable scale parts such as buckets, chutes and feeder pans. Specialized wash racks can be loaded at the weigh station and transported to the washer for easy cleaning
  5. Tablet Press Lubricant Feeder
    The K-Tron Tablet Press Feeder offers an automated, nearly constant feed rate, offering uniform coating of the tablet tools and avoiding sticking problems. The benefits of its use include reduction in the consumption of stearate, lowering material and operating costs, and improved product quality.
  6. Brother Mobile Solutions: PocketJet 3 Plus Kit: 300-dpi Integrated USB/IrDA
    At barely over 10" long and 1 lb. in weight, the new Brother PocketJet® 3Plus fits easily into your briefcase, computer bag, or can be quickly mounted in any vehicle or small work area. The PocketJet 3Plus has fully integrated USB and IrDA ports. Using advanced Direct Thermal Printing Technology, the Brother PocketJet 3Plus eliminates the need for messy and expensive ink, toner, or ribbons.
  7. K-Tron Systems Engineering
    In a modern production line centered around high-precision feeding equipment, operators are not just looking to reduce the number of vendors involved, but are ultimately searching for cost-effective and easy to maintain solutions. K-Tron has been meeting this challenge for years by bringing together their most experienced product engineers in Systems Engineering groups.
  8. Pharma Feeder With Wall-Integration Design
    K-Tron has developed an interesting solution for applications where all feeder components which come in contact with the bulk material must be completely separated from the atmosphere. A special back plate made of stainless steel is mounted between the material feeding area and the motor/drive for installation in a wall.
  9. K-Tron Testing Programs
    K-Tron can conduct tests with your process materials to answer critical process questions and determine the best configuration of the feeding equipment for a particular product or group of products. K-Tron can also help you project the return on investment, for example, by considering the cost of the process material and the benefits of accurately controlling the rate of the ingredient fed into the process.
  10. Pneumatic Conveying Systems
    Vacuum Sequencing Systems for Bulk Material Handling