Supplier News

  1. K-Tron Process Group In Collaboration With Malvern Process Systems, Howorth Pharma, Fitzpatrick, And Leistritz To Present Joint Pharmaceutical Seminar In Cork, Ireland And Manchester, England
    The K-Tron Process Group, in collaboration with key suppliers of equipment and instrumentation to the pharmaceutical industry including Malvern Process Systems, Howorth Pharma, Fitzpatrick, and Leistritz, have announced the presentation of a joint pharmaceutical seminar, “Innovations in Pharmaceutical Processing”, to be held on November 29th in Cork, Ireland and November 30th in Manchester, England
  2. The State Of The Art In Finance
    In the wake of recent accounting scandals and the increasingly competitive business environment, many CFOs and the finance organizations they lead have started to take on new strategic roles within the enterprise. This SAP Insight will discuss recent trends and best practices, as well as provide examples for those companies with best-practice processes, models, and technologies. Submitted by SAP Americas.
  3. K-Tron To Exhibit New BSP Feeder Model At Achema
    The K-Tron Process Group will introduce new additions to the Bulk Solids Pump feeder line in open air booth F1.0 A4-B9, at the May 15-19, 2006 Achema in Frankfurt, Germany
  4. The ROI For Automatic Container Tracking Using RFID
    An RFID system was implemented in 2005 at a chemical facility plant to track the entry/exit of reusable containers, also known as Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC), shipped on trucks and rail cars. The system was implemented to automatically account for the pool of containers, a portion of which were regularly missing, returned late, or damaged by customers
  5. Inclined Agitator For Food Applications
    These ingredients have always been difficult to mix in large batches and require scrapedsurface agitation. The Lee #9MSI Heavy-Duty, Inclined, Double-Motion, Scraped-Surface Agitator is available in a variety of specialized designs for product viscosities as high as 2,000,000 CPS
  6. K-Tron Offers Pharma Feeder Engineered For Tablet Press Lubrication Applications
    The K-Tron Feeder Group now offers the K-Tron Tablet Press Lubricant Feeder. An adaptation of K-Tron’s sanitary pharmaceutical design twin-screw feeder, the tablet press lubricant feeder features the addition of a specialized gas venturi for aspiration of the lubricant (such as magnesium stearate) directly to the tablet press...
  7. Feeder Selection For Pharmaceutical Extrusion Applications
    Hot melt extrusion is presently one of the most widely applied techniques in the plastics industry. Currently more than half of all plastic products, including plastic bags, sheets and pipes, are manufactured by this process. The largest potential in the pharmaceutical industry resides with the processing of active or excipient materials to produce products...
  8. K-Tron To Display Multiple Pharma Feeder And Vacuum Conveying Applications At Interphex In Booth 2055
    The K-Tron Feeder Group will exhibit several innovative designs and applications in pharmaceutical feeding and vacuum conveying at the Interphex Trade Show in New York, April 26-28,2005, in Booth 2055...
  9. K-Tron In Collaboration With Malvern Process Systems, Howorth Pharma, Leistritz, Heinkel, And JetPharma To Present Several Technical Seminars Throughout 2005
    The K-Tron Feeder Group has recently announced its collaboration with five other key suppliers of equipment and instrumentation to the pharmaceutical industry through the presentation of a one-day technical seminar to be offered at varying times and locations throughout 2005...
  10. Volumatic Feeder Provides Consistency In Cookie Coating
    When it became apparent that the quantity of sugar sprinkled on their confections by the sugar belt system failed to provide neither an attractive appearance nor a quality product, Davis Cookie Company, the exclusive distributor of Archway Cookies in Pennsylvania turned to Eriez Magnetics in Erie, Pennsylvania for a solution.