Supplier News

  1. Cole-Parmer Now Offering the NEW Qsonica Q55 Sonicator Ultrasonic Processor
    Conserve lab benchtop space with the new Qsonica Q55 Sonicator Ultrasonic Processor — measuring only eight inches wide and less than eight inches deep.
  2. METTLER TOLEDO Co-Hosts Webinar With SQF On Food Safety Standards
    METTLER TOLEDO, the leading global supplier of precision instruments and services, continues its partnership and support of the SQF Institute, leader in food safety and quality certification programs, by presenting a jointly sponsored webinar entitled ‘Meet Global Food Safety Standards and Increase Productivity'.
  3. Food Distributor Nicholas & Company Increases Data Center Energy Efficiency With Help From IBM And Vision Solutions
    Nicholas & Company is building a model data center that delivers significantly more computing power per watt. The Salt Lake City based, 500 employee, food distributor has increased its computing capabilities while holding energy costs level by virtualizing applications, and consolidating its servers and storage on IBM systems.
  4. Vertical Lift: Brother Buys Pentax Mobile Solution Lines
    Brother International inked a deal to acquire two Pentax mobile solution product lines from Hoya Group for an undisclosed amount, Brother said on Monday.
    Biogrund and Roquette have announced a new European strategic partnership for the development of a new ready-to-use film coating platform for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications
  6. The Case For Integrated Processes
    Based on research and documented case studies, it is clear that companies are realizing significant value by developing integrated processes across the enterprise. This white paper discusses what integrated processes are, how they create value, specific cases of companies succeeding with integrated processes, as well as a checklist to determine how integrated your own company’s processes are. Submitted by SAP Americas
  7. The State Of The Art In Finance
    In the wake of recent accounting scandals and the increasingly competitive business environment, many CFOs and the finance organizations they lead have started to take on new strategic roles within the enterprise. This SAP Insight will discuss recent trends and best practices, as well as provide examples for those companies with best-practice processes, models, and technologies. Submitted by SAP Americas.
  8. The ROI For Automatic Container Tracking Using RFID
    An RFID system was implemented in 2005 at a chemical facility plant to track the entry/exit of reusable containers, also known as Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC), shipped on trucks and rail cars. The system was implemented to automatically account for the pool of containers, a portion of which were regularly missing, returned late, or damaged by customers
  9. Inclined Agitator For Food Applications
    These ingredients have always been difficult to mix in large batches and require scrapedsurface agitation. The Lee #9MSI Heavy-Duty, Inclined, Double-Motion, Scraped-Surface Agitator is available in a variety of specialized designs for product viscosities as high as 2,000,000 CPS
  10. Volumatic Feeder Provides Consistency In Cookie Coating
    When it became apparent that the quantity of sugar sprinkled on their confections by the sugar belt system failed to provide neither an attractive appearance nor a quality product, Davis Cookie Company, the exclusive distributor of Archway Cookies in Pennsylvania turned to Eriez Magnetics in Erie, Pennsylvania for a solution.