1. Building a Business case for Next Generation Enterprise Financial Systems
    Today’s CFOs face pressure from an array of sources. Internal stakeholders expect them to reduce costs, protect the bottom line, and do more with less. Externally, there are increasing demands from regulators and accounting bodies.
  2. Enterprise Service-Oriented Architecture from a Business Perspective
    "Companies face incredible pressure in global markets. To survive in such an atmosphere, companies need to develop a competitive advantage and build a sustainable business by accelerating innovation, developing operational excellence, and empowering information workers. Business processes are the key to unlocking the potential of these strategies for competitive differentiation. Enterprise services-oriented architecture (enterprise SOA) allows you to quickly build and modify your business processes to adapt to rapidly changing markets. With enterprise SOA, you can link stand-alone processes to quickly compose new end-to-end processes, selectively redesign existing processes, and facilitate seamless process design and execution across company boundaries to take advantage of your business partners. Enterprise SOA unleashes the untapped potential of your existing business processes within and across company boundaries so you are better able to compete."
  3. Enterprise Service-Oriented Architecture from a Business Perspective
    Executive Summary for SAP
  4. Product Sheet: Pharma Feeder With Wall-Integration Design
    Product Sheet: Pharma Feeder With Wall-Integration Design
  5. Pharma Feeder With Wall-Integration Design
    K-Tron has developed an interesting solution for applications where all feeder components which come in contact with the bulk material must be completely separated from the atmosphere. A special back plate made of stainless steel is mounted between the material feeding area and the motor/drive for installation in a wall.
  6. K-Tron Testing Programs
    K-Tron can conduct tests with your process materials to answer critical process questions and determine the best configuration of the feeding equipment for a particular product or group of products. K-Tron can also help you project the return on investment, for example, by considering the cost of the process material and the benefits of accurately controlling the rate of the ingredient fed into the process.
  7. Product Sheet: K-Tron Testing Programs
    Product Sheet: K-Tron Testing Programs
  8. Talent Management - The New Business Imperative
    Savvy executives know that a talent shortage is coming, if it hasn ’t arrived already.Talent management,backed by strategic workforce planning,can help companies face this crisis. An exclusive report from BusinessWeek Research Services
  9. Supply Chain Cost-Cutting Strategies
    Companies in the Process Industries (including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, oil & gas, pulp & paper, and health & beauty aides) have had to cope with rising manufacturing and logistics costs over the past few years. To avoid a 7.96% increase in logistics costs (what the average company has experienced in the past two years), companies should follow the roadmap of Best in Class companies, which have been able to reduce costs or keep them flat via supply chain transformation. Brought to you by: Aberdeen Group and SAP
  10. Installation Guide: Selective Rack Storage Systems
    Installation guide for Selective Pallet Rack Applications